Souvenirs from Brooklyn museum..^_^

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  1. hey all, i just got back from the weekend at NYC with a visit to the Brooklyn museum..i am sure most of ya have seen the SPY pics from one of the fellow tpf(well done as i was caught by security...) :rolleyes:

    Love the exhibition and was very disappointed as there was NO special edition..:crybaby: BUT i could not resist myself when i walk into the souvenir shop. It was a death trap cause i wan everything..:sweatdrop: there was no sunflower when i was there:crybaby:

    Here the stuff i bought.. not sure what i am going to do with them..:wlae:





  2. CUTE!!!!! Congrats
  3. Wow nice! I got some of that same stuff (including the Mr. DOB folder).
  4. They are so cute! I love the black skull head!
  5. Congrats on all the goodies!
  6. CUTE!!! :smile:
  7. So cute! You got a lot!!!
  8. So cute, you bought a lot ! ;D I especially love the flowers!
  9. congrats!!! loveeeeeeeee the black skull!!!
  10. ^^I too LOVE the skulls^^

    Is that really you in the last pic? :smile:
  11. Yay! So many cute things!!! Congrats! I had to load up on stuff too when it was in LA! Did they have the skateboard decks by the way?
  12. Cute! I couldnt resist all the cute stuff either at the store just curious about why u bought three sets? I found the store a bit pricey...and then I go and find a bunch of the stuff i bought on ebay for cheaper.
  13. Ooh I want the flower! It's so pretty...

    Nice haul!
  14. How freaking cute is all of that! I just love Murakami. Congrats on the great haul!!
  15. Oooh!! I want one of those dolls!!

    ^^ what do you mean by pricey? how much are one of those dolls?