Souvenir from Paris - red beauties

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  1. On Friday I spent a sunny day in Paris and of course I had to stop by the rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau boutique. Tried on a few pairs, but as I can't wear the 4 inch heels, the selection was a bit limited. The leather espadrille flat I had dreamed about, looked awful on me :crybaby:and on other flats they didn't have colours I liked. But this pair caught my eye and it was perfect.

    Let me introduce red Balustrina in kid leather with 70 mm heel. The SA recommended getting them half a size smaller than Simple pumps as the kid leather will give in quite a bit. So I'll start breaking them in today as I do some spring cleaning around the flat, don't they look smashing even with the socks and my beloved grazy duck fleece pants :lol::lol:

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  2. They are cute - and look so much better on the foot than in store pics :yes:
  3. Wow, it's like 'heel cleavage'. I love them! Congrats.
  4. very cute!
  5. How lovely! Contratulations!
  6. Wow, so pretty!! I can't take anything higher than 70mm too!! I need to source for one pair too since red is in my wishlist!!

  7. OMG Balustrina!! I adore these shoes!

    I have the Simple 70 and went up half a size to 39.5, so according to your SA I should buy my actual size of 39 in these? May I ask how much they were?

    They look fantastic on you......I'm utterly jealous :drool:
  8. chins3, oo_let_me_see, leefi, compulsivepurse, nada, Thank you all!
    mooks, my simples are 39 and they are actually tts to me, these are 38,5 and snug, but what wouldn't be cured with white socks :lol: according to SA kid leather softens so much with use, it's better to get them quite tight. They cost 440 euros ($700, US gals are so lucky, Saks has them for $620... should have flown to NY, if the shoes had been the only reason to hop on a plane ;)).
  9. they're cute :flowers:
  10. Did you manage to get 13% tax off or you're living in EU? Acks, I recall buying my loubies cheaper a year plus ago in Paris cause of the tax.. 380 euros for Miss Boxe and 530 euros for Very Prives after tax!
  11. keya, ladydeluxe, Thank you! I live in an EU country, so full price :crybaby:
    I really, really should travel to NY next, the plane ticket is only 100-200 euros more than to Paris :wtf: even some Hermes items would be cheaper than in Paris :hrmm:
  12. LOL! That's pretty clever.

    I adore these on you. I originally pre-ordered them through Saks, but then cancelled my order b/c I had already bought too many shoes. Now, I must reconsider... :s
  13. Very cute, congrats on getting them. I love the color.
  14. Congrats really fun pair!
  15. Very cute. Congrats!!!