~Souvenior From Paris~

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  1. Thank you!!!!

    The bag is not heavy at all. It's pretty light.

    Thank you!
  2. Congrats on both~!!
  3. Hoe lovely! Congrats :smile:
  4. Congrats, love both items !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Such a lovely bag and charm - and the sweets look yummy too! :P
  6. Lovely goodies!

    Be Blessed MoNikki
  7. Oh my!!! :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :faint: Your Ascot is absolutely gorgeous!!! And how cute is the balloon charm on your Alma? :tender: You lucky girl!!! :yahoo: That was so sweet and thoughtful of your Mom! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  8. Congrats!!! Wow!!! Love everything!!!!! Your charm looks perfect on your Alma. The ascot is so super gorgeous!!! Enjoy!!!!
  9. Congrats, the charm looks beautiful on your alma and what an amazing trip your mum went on!
  10. Congratulations!!!
  11. Congrats on your lovely items and your visit to Paris!! The Ascot is such a unique bag ~ enjoy it and your new charm in the best of health!
  12. Congratulations! Such great items!

  13. Thank you everyone!! :biggrin::biggrin:

  14. Thanks again!!! She is great!! :hbeat::hbeat:

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks!! She had a blast!!!

  15. Thank you!!