Southwest Airline sucks!

  1. My Southwest flight from SD to Houston today got cancelled at the last minute. In fact, I just found out online 5 minutes before I was going to head out the door. I was supposed to be there by 10:30am and although they're putting me on a non-stop later flight, I still won't get there until 4pm this afternoon. I'm beyond pissed off because I'll miss a conference for work and now I have to notify everyone involved... all at the last minute. :cursing::cursing:

    Now that I have 7 hours to kill, I'm just wondering if I can get at least some compensation from Southwest (i.e. a voucher) for my inconvenience? I mean I understand they wouldn't cancel it if they could've helped it, but it has also completely screwed up my travel plans...

    Any opinions will be appreciated. :sad:
  2. Go to the ticket counter and explain your situation and that you were forced to miss a very important (even if it wasn't) conference because of this inconvenience. Don't be nasty, because that will just get the person at the counter pissed off at you.

    Remember, you're not the only one whose travel plans this messed up!
  3. There is a "Rule 240" rule that you can use on most airlines to receive compensation due to a delayed or canceled flight that was under the airline's control. Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines is the only major carrier NOT to have a Rule 240 and only promises to put you on another flight. So legally there is not much you can do, but as the other poster mentioned, perhaps if you are nice they might grant something (but knowing Southwest having flied them every other weekend for three years...I doubt it!). :smile: Good luck!!
  4. They did a reality show "Airline" on A&E about Southwest. I wouldn't fly them if they were giving away tickets.
  5. I hate Southwest. Good luck to you. :tup:
  6. I think southwest will definitely give you a voucher...that is the very least they can do for all your trouble!!
  7. I hate Southwest too.

    BTW, I have never had this happen to me before so I thought I would ask some fellow tPFers.

    I have two free vouchers to anywhere in the world for NWA but it's for Coach class. My DH and I like to fly First class when possible, so is it possible to add a few hundred dollars to the free vouchers to upgrade to first class? If so, do I just call the airline? Thank you.
  8. Southwest is so overrated; I've never liked them, too. They're not the cheapest airlines, either; the only good thing about them is the free flights thing that they offer.
  9. I have a secretary who handles travel, but how was your travel booked? If you use amex travel, I think there's some way to get on another flight.

    Call your boss and let them know of course.

    And see if you can remote into the conference. Our company does this all the time, there are programs out there for it like gotomeeting and webex.

    My boss even gives presentations remotely sometimes.

    Good luck.
  10. Sorry, that is too bad! It is always a bummer and so frustrating when your travel plans get changed and there is nothing you can do about it. I hope you receive some compensation for it.

    I have flown Southwest before and I was actually very pleased with the service. I thought the flight crew was very friendly and accommodating. Hope they make it up to you!
  11. I am not very fond of Southwest either. The service during the flight was fine, but I just can't stand that "cattle call" to get seated. The one and only time I used them, I wasn't able to print my boarding pass on my return flight far enough in advance, so I ended up in the dreaded group "C".

    I ended up sitting between two very large and loud men - who knew each other and were in fact, traveling together. But, oh no, rather than sit together and let me have the aisle or window, they simply proceeded to TALK over me the entire flight. :cursing:

    Thank goodness it was only an hour long flight home from Chicago........
  12. I haven't had any problems with SW, but let's face it, flights get canceled all the time. If I had somewhere I needed to be on a specific day, I would prefer to come in the day before.
  13. Ugh, I hate that about Southwest, too! :cursing: Not only is it extremely difficult to find a seat when you're in the middle/last group, but there's a possibility of sitting with people who know each other and refuse to sit next to each other, making it an unbearable flight when they're loud or talk over you. My flights with Frontier were much better, and even though I had to do a layover, it was cheaper, the seats and food were nicer, and it wasn't that crowded (probably because everyone else rides Southwest :rolleyes:).
  14. The only times I use SW is for a short hop from L.A. to Tucson and back. I have never had a problem ,find the flight crew very amusing and helpful - although I always end up in the group C misery anyway. Don't quite know how to avoid that.
  15. I can't stand Southwest :sad: