southlake town square coach-North TX Ladies

  1. I am going to Southlake Town Square tomorrow to buy a new wallet. I dont usually shop there, just wondering if any of you have experience shopping in this sotre. Or know of a good SA I should see????
  2. Southlake is my regular boutique. I love that store BUT it doesn't carry as much as Northpark or Willowbend. Most of the SAs I have dealt with have been great (a couple are not the most knowledgable but are still nice). For some reason the name of the SA I really like is escaping me at the moment. I want to say it starts with an S. I'm so bad with names sometimes. I'll have to see if it pops back in my head....
  3. I have been twice, but don't remember the name of the nice SA that helped last time. I agree that they aren't as knowledgeable as Northpark, but real nice!!!
  4. Southlake is closer to where I live but I prefer to go to the one in NorthEast Mall. IMO they are more knowledgeable than Southlake and also a lot nicer. I also like to visit the stores that are located at NorthPark and the Galleria.
  5. I shop at the Northeast Mall boutique, too. I prefer it...even though the new store in the Parks is closer to me. If you decide to go to Northeast you'll wanna ask for Luz!! (Prononced Lucy without the 'y'.) She ROCKS!
  6. Is she one of the supervisors?
  7. Did you get to go? Did you buy your wallet?
  8. This is totally OT, but Disney16, is that a Coach Cake in your avatar?!
  9. Sorry for the very delayed responce, but yes that was my 40th birthday cake that my friends had made for me. It was a 4 layer chocolate cake and almost to preety to eat.
  10. Well, I'm not going to badmouth any of my fellow SA's in Dallas, but I work at NorthPark and I'd love to help any of ya'll, plus I'm a Pf'er and have been for a year Southlake is a nice store, but I still like my store the best in the Dallas area. If ya'll ever need anything, I'll always be sure to take care of ya!
  11. that's really cool to know. I typically go to the one at the Galleria, but I'll keep you in mind when I get this big promotion b/c I will be coming in for a Francine to reward myself! :smile:
  12. You're sweet! I used to work at the outlet in Vegas and I transferred down here to escape a crazy breakup and I would really love to develop a nice set of clients who love the product as much as I do and are joys to help! I'm Marc, but at work Marcus, so if any of you guys would like to visit me, come on in! I'm there ALL THE TIME!