Southhampton SA ALERT!!!!

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  1. I just got off of the phone with the rudest sales clerk I've ever spoken to on the phone in my life! (And I'm middle aged!) I'm shaking still from it...she was so RUDE!!!! DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR BUSINES TO SHAWNA. She is a total :cursing: She was basically "screaming" at me on the phone...she said, "What do you want me to do? I'm not going to read all the characters on this bag to you". And she got all irate with me and said it wasn't "fair" that the others girls did that for me that they are supposed to help the customers in their store. She was unbelievably rude and obnoxious and I"m half tempted to talk to their manager. I'm in shock!!!:mad: :censor: :rant:
  2. Wow, I just talked to Shauna/Shawna on the phone 20 minutes ago about my tracking number... That's crazy!!

    Well, their manager is on maternity leave, so you may want to leave a message with Corporate if anything.
  3. I'm telling you she was UNBELIEVABLY RUDE! Had an attitude from the first second....and was NOT NICE AT ALL!
  4. whoa. that is horrible. sorry :sad: that especially sucks since we're buying these bags sight unseen, we're still paying kind of a lot, and you would expect the sales staff to be somewhat accomodating of our requests, you know? it sounds like most of them are, but shawna sounds scary. i was going to call today to see if i could get a paradiso bag ... now i'm just scared. maybe i'll hold off til tomorrow (!) and btw, if she was that rude, i think talking to the manager is definitely warranted. customers shouldn't be yelled at / spoken harshly to when we're just trying to make a purchase! man.
  5. I told her I guess I'd just wait until Diane or Lindsey came in then to complete my purchase decision.
  6. That's sad... I mean, I completely understand if you've got to help customers IN the store. I know that's the #1 priority having been in retail forever, myself. But if the store is THAT busy where you can't help a customer on the phone, then they should staff better. Shauna is just jealous and tired of hearing "Lindsey," that's all!! :cursing:
  7. I agree! I can't believe it. Lindsey and Diane are both off today. If you ONLY want to buy a bag that specifically has some characters you want that's all she's going to tell you. That's it. She's not going to tell you what else is on the bag (which on a campeggio...a big just kind of want to know if its gonig to look decent!) SHE REFUSES to tell you what else is on the bag.
  8. I already had it narrowed down to 2 make a decision between the two and she REFUSED to tell me what the bags looked like to make a choice. I worked in retail a number of years as well...I tell you this was totally inappropriate....the tone of voice she used with me AND the attitude. She needs to be reprimanded or fired. Is there no manager in charge right now because of pregnancy? If she doesn't want to deal with phone sales she should just be pleasant and tell me it would be better to wait until Diane came in tomorrow and not be rude to customers on the phone. I think its because Diane called in sick ...and she was in a bad mood...but still! if she has no boss in charge around she gets to act however she wants!
  9. That's bad customer service...
  10. It's hard to believe honestly. I'm just now calming down a half hour later!
  11. Sheesh, I doubt a LeSportsac outlet gets that busy anyhow! We are probably most of the business they have been getting! Thanks for the warning. I was thinking of ordering a Paradiso Zucca and maybe a Caramella today, however I do want some particular characters so it will just have to wait! Or maybe it'll give me more time to come to my senses and not ignore my sic.
  12. I don't know if there's a temporary manager or anything. Lindsey didn't mention. Depending on how well their store is doing, they may have a temp... If the store is mediocre, the Asst. Manager may be "acting" manager?
  13. Tammie...Shawna said she's "allowed" to look for a item with a couple of characters you ask for but that is all. So ifyou want a denaro you're probably okay....and after the way she treated me on the phone, she'll probably be really nice now afraid she'll get reported for her nastiness.
  14. What a crock of ****... If it's to make a sale, I don't think Corporate would be like, "You can't do this this this this..." Please! I used to BEND OVER BACKWARDS to make a sale because Corporate said so - at a NON-COMMISSION store!!
  15. ugh! I hate when people are rude like that! They're SUPPOSED to be helping you if they WANT your business right?? Casey at Pulse read all the characters on my Zucca to me when I called there and there was A LOT, and she didn't have a problem... I sent Lindsey at SouthHampton an email, with a PICTURE of the exact print I wanted and she found it for me NO PROBLEM and was even more excited about it the bag than I was, AND SHE SENT ME A POSTCARD THANKING ME FOR MY PURCHASE!! :smile:

    FIRE SHAUNA!!:p :lecture: :blah: :whistle: :noggin: