Southerner Seeks Help RE: Stuffing Pants Into Boots

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  1. OK, so the title pretty much says it. I grew up in the south, and now I'm in Chicago. I didn't realize that boots had an actual utilitarian function until I moved here.

    At any rate, I have some Kors shearling boots that I wear fairly frequently with jeans or cords, and I always feel like there must be some secret method for stuffing your pants into them that I am just not getting. Please offer any tips that might help!
  2. lol Are you buying skinny jeans, by any chance? If you are trying to stuff say flared jeans or cords into boots it's going to be more difficult. The jeans need to be fitted and tight to pull off the look. :smile: Hope this helps!
  3. You need to have jeans that are very close to the body in order to pull it off. Skinny Jeans or Relaxed Fit work best.
  4. I was afraid of this :sad:

    Maybe I can get one paid altered for boot use only. I don't think I can pull off skinny jeans--too curvy.
  5. no one's going to know they're skinny jeans if they're tucked in to boots, they fit basically the same until the knee. it would be a lot easier and probably more cost effective (not to mention you wouldn't have to ruin a pair of perfectly good jeans!) to just get a pair of skinnies.

    plus, you never know what they'll look like until you try them on. i thought skinnies would be horrible on me because i'm not a twig, but they're actually rather cute.
  6. I agree, skinny jeans work best. If you have a pair of bootcut jeans..what you could try is wearing long socks, and then tucking your jeans into the socks and then just put the boots on. It works great for me. good luck:yes:
  7. Here is the old school southern method. It may also work in frosty lands.

    1) Apply pants of choice to body

    2) Sit comfortably on a surface that is free of broken glass or electrical wiring

    3) Grasp hem of pant at inside seam, pull taut. Fold over neatly against leg

    4) Apply boot to foot

    5) Look in mirror. If result appears dorky, repeat using pants with narrower leg.

    6) If necessary, make note to self that straight leg pants have many advantages and never go out of style
  8. I do as MsFashionista. I received a free pair of Juicy tube socks when I bought a pair of Uggs. I almost gave the socks away b/c I knew I would never wear them, then realized I could use them when wearing tall boots. It works great for me.
  9. You probably don't have any of these lying around but I find that a pair of elasticized velcro ski ties work great for holding looser pant bottoms in place. Any ski supply store (online or otherwise) should carry them for about $3 a piece.
  10. Hi everyone! im new to TPF and have yet to blog, but i just ahd to reply to this.... i had the same problems too but here is the perfect solution with out having to buying new skinny jeans but still wearing tall boots. this works for straight cut, bootcut, or even a slightly flared jean..... while sitting, cuff the pant so that the bottom of the cuff is at about your ankle's height. then put on a pair of tall socks over your foot but dont pull up just yet! you must pull the cuff all the way to one side and then jsut wrap the excess around your calf, then cover it with your sock.... sounds a bit confusing but trust me its easy, comfortable and def the quickest way to fitting wider jeans into tall boots.