Southern Hemisphere Spring/Summer LV thread!

  1. Inspired by the Must Have Bag For Fall thread, I thought I'd start an alternate thread for us antipodeans heading into the southern summer! :upsidedown:

    Whilst the northern sorts on here are contemplating packing away their brights'n'whites for the descent into winter, for what I suppose is the minority of us on this forum who are living down under we're doing the opposite. I know I feel a little out of touch when I see all these mentions of the winter chills, so here's a thread where the sun shines brightly and the skies are blue for us to discuss our summer wants and needs.:supacool:

    So, what LV goodies are you planning on buying or using for the coming warm months? I'm not talking just bags here, but also accessories such as sunnies and hats, and also clothing and shoes.

    Myself, I'm taking the obvious route and hoping to buy something Azur. I don't own anything yet but after seeing the Bosphore Pochette in Azur in another thread that's definitely one on my must-have list! Also contemplating Azur Noe.. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Alternately I think perhaps a Speedy 25 or 30 in Azur (do they come in a 30?), or some other smaller Azur bag. I'd prefer a shoulderbag though, they just seem more summery, more holiday to me, which is how the Azur feels too.
  2. Just browsing elux I'd also love a Saleya in any size..! :drool:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. my Ouvea Carryall and striped Tanger Sac Plat will come out from hibernation :yes:
  4. Might use my tobago shoe bag and street pm:tup:
  5. I hope azur gets petite noe!!

    I am waiting for hampstead in azur..........> when???
  6. That would be lovely, an Azur Hampstead.

    Isn't the Petit Noe pretty darn tiny? The Noe itself ain't looking too sizeable..
  7. I would love the azur in the alma.
  8. Hi, can't wait for summer too. I'm currently dreaming on the antigua cabas pm or the azur mini pochette. planning to buy my first LV wallet too....still unsure whether to buy a damier or epi.
    cabas.JPG pochette.JPG
  9. bright blue sky! sun shining! can I come & stay with you for 6 months or's already so cold here
  10. We're dropping in temps here, too! Only in the 80's now...that beats the 100's! I love azur!!!! I definitely think it's a great spring/summer bag.
  11. Lol we're into spring now, though its still quite chilly at times but i'm slowly easing my azur speedy in my bag routine. hooray! Azur is the most summery/springy LV piece imo!
  12. YUM... that Azur Pochette Bosphore looks SOOO tempting!
  13. ^ I know, isn't it gorgeous?! :love:

    Gardenscent I love both your wishlist items, they look fantastic together. :yes:
  14. I agree about an azur alma!!! LOVELY!
  15. I like using my (few) white MC pieces in summer. I WANT to buy: suhali lockit PM in verone and who knows what else when I finally manage to get to the store.:upsidedown: