Southern Charm on Bravo

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  1. How are we not already talking about this?

    As someone who grew up in the south, I really enjoyed the premier. I was waiting for Whitney to say he was a descendant of Eli Whitney, because I dated one of those.

    I can't believe how old some of these men are... their 50s!
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  2. Cameran was on real world and I think the other chick is an escort...
  3. Ravenel was a drug dealer/addict..only went to rehab for the drugs, got away with the other charges...I know other stuff...these people are a mess and the Southern fakery, I REFUSE to watch.
  4. I was amazed that they were discussing Gone with the Wind!!! "are you a Scarlett or a Melanie?" As a yankee this was the most stereotypical depiction of southerners i could imagine. Whitney's mom is everything.
  5. Whitney and his mother are straight out of a Tennessee Williams play...
  6. With a splash of Norman Bates? I swear I will watch only for them.
  7. I think I will like it. I watched it because I love Charleston. The girls are all pretty but Jenna's ( I think) hairstyle- ugh
  8. I didn't think I would like it but I did. Charleston is one of my very favorite places to visit :smile: I'll keep watching.
  9. Whitney and his mother's house helper/friend was on another reality show - the Beverly Johnson reality show on OWN.

    I need Thomas Ravanel to NEVER speak French. It's awful.
  10. I think he thinks he is smarter than he is.

  11. I knew I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn't remember where. Thank you!
  12. Whitney's mom is just the greatest. I can't wait to see more of her!

    I can't believe the guy who wants to reboot his political career is trying to do so via a Bravo show. Who in the world advised him that this would be a good idea?! He's already made a hot mess of himself, taking the redhead home for a one night stand, getting super drunk, jumping in the lake at midnight, etc.

    I love a good train wreck with entertaining characters and will definitely be watching this one.
  13. I haven't watched this and don't plan on it, but I just saw a clip of them giving a tour of their home and I INSTANTLY thought of the movie "Divine Secrets of ya ya sisterhood", when the little girls went to visit an aunt and her son (who got food thrown at him).
  14. I tried and I just can't. The chick with the 'mohawk' is WAY to trendy for her own good... And the coke dealer :tdown:

    Whitney and his mom are the best part but still not worth investing the time. Let me know if it gets better...
  15. Shep's big fake teeth are bothersome

    I'm also side-eyeing Whitney's mother's pink croc Birkin....looks really off
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