southern California outlet ?help

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  1. hi, i will be in southern california for the labor day weekend, more specificall Orange county. Can you gear me towards a good Coach outlet with large selection? i know there is one in Cabazon, Camarillo, Carlsbad and citadel? which is a good store? thanks
  2. Well, there isn't one at Citadel or I'd be there daily!

    From OC - Carlsbad is the closest location and they've just expanded to a larger store.

  3. ITA - Calrsbad is really nice now that they have expanded. Coachislove is an SA there, so you might get to run into a TPFer too! She is great. :tup:
  4. thanks everyone, i will be heading to carlsbad, maybe i PM coachislove to see what 's in stock. thanks