Southern California Jr. High shooting victim pronounced braindead

  1. Prosecutors filed a charge of murder with hate-crime and firearm-use enhancements Thursday against a 14-year-old boy who will be tried as an adult in the school shooting of a classmate.

    The victim has been declared brain dead, but remains on a ventilator.

    The charge against Brandon David McInerney was upgraded from attempted murder after authorities learned that victim Lawrence King's condition was not survivable...

    This is so sad :sad:, he was so young. This is why we need to teach kids tolerance and acceptance, because if not more innocent lives will be lost.
  2. So sad. This seems to be happening every day. It's getting to the point I'm afraid to let my kids out of my sight.
  3. Sorry! Double post.
  4. how awful
  5. I watched this story on the news this morning. The attorney for the boy who shot the other boy brought up how his client just turned 14 and had he done this 3 weeks ago, he would still be tried as a teenager and not an adult. WTF? I don't care how old he is! If he's old enough to go around shooting people, then he's definitely old enought to be tried as an adult and face the consequences.
  6. ^ I agree. Why should anyone have sympathy for the shooter when someone's child is braindead because of him. It's so sad. That kid deserves a full sentence as an adult.
  7. ^
    He's only 14 years old though. His acts are horrible, but by NO MEANS is he an adult.
  8. What a horrible thing. I totally agree about teaching acceptance. People often get upset that schools are teaching diversity and acceptance, but THIS IS WHY. If the kids don't learn it at home, it is the schools and other families who have to deal with the violent consequences of kids who are taught to hate. So sad.