Southern Cali- How Much Do U Pay For Internet?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking for better internet service rates and was wondering whats avail?

    If you are in So Cal, how much do you pay monthly and with what service?

    Please help! :flowers:

  2. I'm in OC and I we have a package deal with TimeWarner.
    $60 for Road Runner and Digital Cable. It includes 2 pc's, 3 TV's and 1 DVR box for our family TV. This price is killer, but it will only last 12 months then the price will almost double. We will be looking for other plans in 10 months:graucho:
  3. hey, I'm in HB too.

  4. cool! HB BUDDY! :graucho: I live near Bella Terra.

    I went ahead and called Time Warner and got all 3 packages---phone,cable,and internet for about 100 a month.


    I'm actually currently visting home here in Tampa,FL, will be back on Thursday!----I miss Kabuki Sushi over there :P
  5. ot: some really hot guys work at Kabuki.. lol. both the Bella Terra one and the Pasadena one. yum. lol.

    back on topic.. i pay bout $25 for my DSL and then about $20 for regular phone services (it's 3 separate lines cuz we have tenants in our home). i upgraded speeds too and it was an upgrade for $10. lol.
  6. Hey, neighbor-Right on. We got the "special" 1 year package price for $60 because we switched over from DirecTV. I'm really digging the TimeWarner Digital and "on demand" dealio a whole lot better than DirecTV.
    Oh, and I'm down here on PCH and 10th.
    Have fun in FL:beach:

    And Kubuki rocks!
  7. I use my local cable co and I believe it is around 30 bucks a month just for the cable modem. We have triple sat for the rest of the house

  8. :upsidedown:
  9. I used to live in the OC...and each month we paid $40 a month for internet with Cox...if you get a bundle deal (internet, phone, tv) they give you a percentage off as well.

    HTH :flowers: