Southern CA PFers-Where do you get your Bbag?

  1. Dear PFers who live in the LA/OC area:
    Which store do you go to buy your Bbag? I saw the list and see Amarees in Newport Beach is the closest from where I live. Anyone had any experience with Amarees? Or do you go to Barneys in Beverly Hills? Which store has the best selections? Best customer service? Or do you order from Aloha Rag or Balenciaga NY directly...
    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I've been to Amarees and they have a very small collection of bbags and most are just piled on top of each other on the floor under a rack of clothes. Barneys COOP at South Coast doesnt keep them out anymore and when I bought my Black City from them the manager came out with 5 of them to chose from (I was lucky to get an 05 with incredible leather, didnt know it was an 05 until I happened to look at the tags last week). I was at Saks South Coast today and they have nothing. Nordstroms doesnt carry them BUT they can now get any designer bags you want for you. They have a HUGE book to chose from. Marty is my SA and hes awesome. I am VERY disappointed that here in Orange County I cannot find anyplace that sells them. Neimans at Newport Fashion Island doesnt either. Not crazy about ordering my bags sight unseen because I want to choose my leather and not have someone do it for me. Where in OC are you? I live in Huntington Harbor.
  3. Barney's BH- Audrey and Melissa are really good and helpful. I was in there about 6 weeks ago and they had a good selection, don't know about now, but they can call other Barney's stores if they don't have what you are looking for. I haven't been to Maxfield in West Hollywood I heard their SA's are too cool for school if you know what I mean. Also Bal NY- ask for Sarah she is good too.
  4. same here. Barneys & Balenciaga NY and Aloharag. I have also been to maxfields....yeah they are kinda snooty there...but its an awesome just have to see beyond the snooty / bad service...
  5. Barney's in BH has the best selection. =)
  6. Bal NY, I find Barneys BH to be rude and clueless about the bags, but maybe if you ask for a specific SA.
  7. Thanks for the inputs everyone! This has been very helpful. I would think an affluent place like OC would have stores carrying Balenciaga bags more... But OC is not 'there yet':P... Maybe I will head out to LA one weekend when I am brave enough to!

    I was going to submit my order to Aloha Rag but with the earthquake on the Big Island, I think all businesses are closed throughout Hawaii. So I don't know when and if I will be able to get the Bbag of my choice. BUT it is totally okay knowing the situation. I hope everyone is okay there...

    Oh Donna-I live in Rancho Santa Margarita. Thanks for the insight about Nordstrom and their special order process. Interesting. I am somewhat okay buying bags that I am dead-set on. I used to need to, but having bad experience with SAs in stores have shyed me away from going to stores these days...
  8. I highly recommend Audrey at Barney's BH. There was a male SA there too but I forget his name. Both are VERY nice and helpful.

    Barney's in NY on the other hand, I will never EVER purchase from again. The SAs there (IME) are all rude and snobby and CLUELESS as all get out.
  9. Maxfield has a great selection and it's very close to Barney's too.
  10. heya, when did u get the blk city? i tried getting it this weekend at Barneys in BH and Maxfield and it was all sold out in blk? Do u think i can still get it at southcoasT? and who should i speak to , thks!!!
  11. I got mine from Aloha Rag. In my order, I specially requested the type of bag I wanted and AR delivered it nicely packaged.

    I also can't believe that with all the great shopping in OC, there wouldn't be more places that sell Balenciaga bags.

    Then again, everyone in OC (and San Diego) likes to carry monogram LVs or anything with that is a bag with free advertisement on it.
  12. I ordered mine at NM Fashion Island -- they have a huge book with all the colors listed, but don't carry them in store.
    Also, Saks Mission Viejo actually had a few a couple weeks ago, I was told they were trying different brands -in general, they have so much more than Saks at SCP, except LV.
    I'm not sure how long the "trial" period was for the Balenciaga bags, but if you're in the area you could stop in.
  13. Too bad Neiman MArcus doesn't carry them. They're SA's were exceptional. They know their product.
  14. pursesuade-Were they carrying a lot of Balenciaga bags? How about the color selection. Maybe I should go and see this weekend. Thanks for the heads up! I also didn't know you can order via NM Fashion Island...but why won't they carry them??? Interesting...
  15. tiramisu,
    Saks a MV didn't have many -- it was a trial period I was told??? I called yesterday and was told they only had 1 Pony Hair left!!
    NM San Diego does carrying them --- but something to do with distribution/agreement with Balenciaga that only certain NM stores can carry them and that's why Fashion Island doesn't. It's the same thing with Nordstrom --- only 1 store in Northern Cal carries them.