SouthCoast Inventory anyone?

  1. I'm going to SouthCoast Plaza-Costa Mesa tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone knew if they had anything exciting on hand regarding checkbook wallets-or what do they have? Any new bags? (knowing me I'll walk out w/ a bag when all I want is a wallet! I want black! Any info would be great. I want something now.
  2. i just went there yesterday. they had several items from the fall/winter collection out. they had the vintage ligne tote (in black), the classics w/ new colors (purple and i think one other new color), the reissues, and a salmon color bowler. the luggages were on dispaly too. they had the wallets from the fall/winter and paris-new york collection. definitely worth checking out. and please come back and post pictures of your new babies =)
  3. I got the east-west classic flap in dark blue from them last week. Love the bag and will post pics.
  4. Thanx guys I appreciate it!