Southampton Outlet Stock

I just got a nice email from Lindsey at the Southampton Outlet store as to what is currently available, and I thought I would post it here for everyone, incase anyone is interested! Sorry if this posted already!

In the older prints, camo playground olive and camo playground black we have the following...50% off the retail....If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in both prints.
Buon Viaggio $74.00 completely sold out
Campeggio $74.00 completely sold out
Canguro $48.00 completely sold out
Mamma Mia $65.00 completely sold out
Scuola $82.00
Bambino $48.00 only in camo black
Luna $99.00
Caramella $31.00 only in camo black
Denaro $31.00 completely sold out
Bella $60.00
BellaBella $74.00
In the newer prints, Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo we have...25% off the retail....(If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in all 3 prints.
Portatelefono $63.00
Caramella $51.00
Denaro $51.00
Luna $157.50
Trenino $223.50
Campeggio $120.00 only in fumo
Scuola $129.00
Bambinone $97.50 only in paradiso and inferno
Stellina $97.50 only in paradiso and fumo
Dolce $60.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Bambino $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Gioco $120.00
Canguro $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Nuvola $138.00
Bella $97.50
Zucca $138.00 only in fumo and paradiso
Buon Viaggio $120.00
Mamma Mia $97.50
Corriere $138.00 only in paradiso and inferno
CiaoCiao $120.00
Ciao $90.00
Bocce $66.00
We are completely sold out of the following....
Inferno Campeggio's
Inferno Zucca's
Inferno Stellina's
Paradiso Campeggio's
All baby bags
All of the Tan Playground print.


Apr 10, 2007
San Jose, CA
AWWW MAN!!! I really want a bella bella in the camo black playground! 74 is a good deal, too! Too bad I already bought a bag this week! Hahaahahah I can only laugh at my sick, sick addiction!


May 7, 2007
hey can someone email me the phone number to the outlet or the email? im interested!!!!