south-of-france's bagalicious collection

  1. What a great place for LV lovers :biggrin:! I've started collecting LVs about 4 years ago while in grad school, and
    since graduating I have added a few more items to my small collection. Here they go :love::

    Large epi noe in kenyan fawn/gold cipango (discontinued 90s model)
    Small epi noe in toledo blue (discontinued 90s model)
    Large Trocadero in monogram
    Pochette marly bandoulière in monogram
    Pochette accessoires cherry blossom
    Pochette clés cherry blossom
    Pochette clés multicolor black
    Portemonnaie plat multicolor white
    Zippé wallet in monogram cérises
    Pochette clés in monogram cérises
    Medium epi agenda in vanille/lilac
    Pochette clés charms blanc

    A used brown epi tresor wallet and brown petit noe are on their way as well :flowers:. I like vintage pieces (in good condition) and patina, so the only new-bought pieces are the pochette clés cérises and the white charms pochette clés. Thanks for looking :rolleyes:
  2. The Cherry Blossom Pochette is so cute! :love:
  3. Nice collection, love the noe!
  4. your collection is adorable! each cles adds such a nice touch!
  5. WELCOME!:flowers: LOVE ALL YOUR PIECES!!!:heart:
  6. Thanks!! Finally people aren't shaking their heads :smile: I'm hoping to get bags instead of small leather goods in the future, I'm already looking forward to what special collections come next from LV *g*

    I just adore the Priscilla bag in white mc and the Koala wallet in any design... ;) sigh! Fortunately here in Switzerland the nearest store is never crowded and getting what you want is usually possible.
  7. not bad yet simple and nice
  8. Very nice! You have wonderful taste! Thanks for the picture!
  9. very pretty!
  10. Welcome! :love::heart::love: your cherry blossom pieces!
  11. I really like your cherry blossom.
  12. Yes, I'm proud of my cb's :love:, they were hard to get but I loved the chase :biggrin:. I also have other handbags, I photographed some of those because everyone likes pictures :rolleyes:. I mostly wear the coach large gallery tote (it fits everything) and for special occasions the red Chanel.

    I'm not so fond of the Dior bags anymore though (the small one on the right was a gift which I've never really liked :hrmm:).

    Do you mix-and-match your bags from different labels?
    otherbags2.jpg otherbags1.jpg
  13. really nice collection...
    keep up the good work and keep on buying :smile:
  14. nice collection, i bet u will be buying more soon...
  15. Thanks! How do you guys buy your bags? From the store or eluxury (in the U.S.), from board members (how?), from friends, from ebay...? I often buy pre-loved bags but doing it on ebay seems such a minefield:sad: