South Hampton Current Inventory

I got to thinking I need a Mamma (the little one). So i e-mailed around to a few of the outlet stores and here's what a gal from the South Hampton told me.
I believe the Mamma was made with the newer prints....L'Amore ect.. I know that we did not make it with the Playground, Camo Olive Playground, Camo Black Playground, Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo. So, I'm assuming we started making that style with the newer prints.

Here is an updated list of what we have left....
In the older prints, camo playground olive and camo playground black we have the following...50% off the retail....If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in both prints.
Buon Viaggio $74.00 completely sold out
Campeggio $74.00 completely sold out
Canguro $48.00 completely sold out
Mamma Mia $65.00 completely sold out
Scuola $82.00
Bambino $48.00 completely sold out
Luna $99.00
Caramella $31.00 completely sold out
Denaro $31.00 completely sold out
Bella $60.00
BellaBella $74.00
In the newer prints, Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo we have...25% off the retail....(If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in all 3 prints.
Portatelefono $63.00
Caramella $51.00
Denaro $51.00
Luna $157.50
Trenino $223.50
Campeggio $120.00 only in fumo
Scuola $129.00
Bambinone $97.50 only in paradiso and inferno
Stellina $97.50 only in paradiso and fumo
Dolce $60.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Bambino $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Gioco $120.00
Canguro $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
Nuvola $138.00
Bella $97.50
Zucca $138.00 only in fumo and paradiso
Buon Viaggio $120.00
Mamma Mia $97.50
Corriere $138.00 only in paradiso and inferno
CiaoCiao $120.00
Ciao $90.00
Bocce $66.00
We are completely sold out of the following....
Inferno Campeggio's
Inferno Zucca's
Inferno Stellina's
Paradiso Campeggio's
All baby bags
All of the Tan Playground print.
If you have any other questions please just let me know and if you'd like to go ahead and place an order please call me at 1-631-283-1733.
Southampton Factory Store

It seems like there's some good prices on some of the older prints so call if you can


tOkIdOkI bLoOmEr
May 22, 2007
Since I've already gotten my Paradiso Ciao Ciao from eBay, I am thinking of getting the Inferno MM. I don't really see a lot of ppl with Inferno bags here, are they not so popular? SH got the MM and the price is excellent!