South Hampton 65% Question

  1. Does anyone know whether the South Hampton outlet still has Adios Star Canguros??
    and if they do:
    1. Who to request for help with placement
    2. How much tax and shipping is to California if anyone knows

    Oh man.... I am really drooling over that Canguro
  2. You can go on occasionally to check the updates on South Hampton inventory... South Hampton sends out email updates and they have Adios Star Canguros.

    Placement, usually it's Lindsay. She's really helpful and extremely kind.

    I think they charge a flatrate of $8.50 for shipping and handling.
  3. thank you both Titty and d1000. It's really sad, but when I called in, they were all out of Canguros ;_;, but I ordered a Bambinone for my sister (for Christmas lol) and I'm ordering a Ciao that I might try and trade someone for a Canguro. Because it retails a lot more, I think I might have a chance.

    Thank you guys!!!!:heart: