South Florida tPF get-together (the sequal)

  1. After our successful (yet small) first get together at the end of November, I thought we could give this another go. Perhaps the first or second Saturday of February. We could attempt the same as before - lunch and shopping. The first time we only managed lunch, but it was great fun.

    I do hope all the South Florida members that see this decide to meet their fellow tPF'ers. I can assure you all from personal experience that it can be loads of fun.:yes:

    So, any of you interested???:shrugs:
  2. Oh how I wish I could... I will not be here then :sad: BUT Vlad and I both are moving back to SoFlo this summer so we will have to have one then for sure!
  3. Ahh...Born & Raised in FL here for over 18 years! I would meet up if I was there. :smile:
  4. that would be nice, too bad I live in the tampa bay area:sad:
  5. that would definately be a nice change:yes: sorry a little OT
  6. Aye! Megs and myself will be moving down here in August, then we're gonna be all game!
  7. I'm so glad to hear that you'll be moving to SFL. So much warmer. Good for you guys. We'll definitely have to set up another meet up then just for both of you.:tender:
  8. I would totally have met up if it was earlier ! I just came back from Miami this weekend !
  9. yes, yes, yes :nuts:
  10. I'm bumping this one in hopes that it won't get lost in the shuffle. Could a mod 'sticky' this thread please????:tender:
  11. I agree. I would love to attend but I live in Otown:crybaby:
  12. Hi, If I am in town I shall be there will bells on! :yes:
  13. Thanks for the heads up!! Let's make it the 10th if possible - I'll be in L.A. the prior week but home on the 4th and would not want to miss it - Would be great if we could get a good turn out - where's Janice???????? Thanks again for being so pro active with this - we DID have a lovely time at CC!! Oh there she is right above me!!!!!!!
  14. Hi cutie!! If it happens, we need you!!!