South Florida Meet June 27, 2009

  1. Is there anything sooner? Like say in....April? Anybody in S.Fl pm me!
  2. ^ we decided to set a date a little further out so we can get more SoFL people to attend.
  3. ok, I'll probably leave my DH at home :smile: but if majority of us bring the significant other, then I'll bring him too. You girls would be so proud, he knows all the names of everything because he's heard me talk about it soooo much lol

    I'm in NW Broward County! Looking forward to it! Is it done at a particular meeting place? PLEASE POST ANY INFO! THANK YOU!
  5. I think you should bring him because he knows them all :nuts:
  6. Greetings!!

    The plan will probably firm up closer to the date, but I believe we'll be meeting at the Louis Vuitton in the Boca Raton Town Center...then go from there. A time has not been set to my knowledge. I'm coming from a few hours away so I wouldn't mind if it was around 11:00.... :graucho:
  7. I think maybe the earlier the better, around lunch so we can go to one of the restaurants there? There is Legal Seafoods, Capital Grille, Grand Luxe Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen etc. what do you all think? The date is set for a saturday so I'm flexible. We could definitely set a time thats good for everyone as more attendees sign up. I'm excited to meet all you fellow LVoers!:ghi5:

    ** For those of you not familiar with the area, if you google Boca Raton Town Center it will show you the google map or you can access it from here
  8. Thanks gabbyss..:yahoo:I think that's a great idea.....once the time is scheduled and we are closer to the date, we could pm everyone who has responded with details.....What about 11 - 11:30, meet, go to LV then lunch......Since you are most familiar with the mall, could you suggest a central location in the mall to meet before hand, then we can all go to LV together..........I'm getting excited!!!!!
  9. Grew up in South Florida and believe the Boca mall to be one of the better malls. Really easy mall to get to from either 95 or the turnpike.

  10. Opps! goofed...I would say the LV is in the middle of the mall.

    BTW: One of my favorite SA's there is named Margo. Worked there for awhile and is very knowledgable.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you in June!!!
  11. :yahoo:this is going to be fun! We're really getting a good response! Looking forward to meeting you too!
  12. 11-11:30 sounds great then lunch. Yes LV is towards the middle near the new entrance by Crate and Barrel and Bvlgari. Its a really easy Parking entrance just west of Bloomingdales. So we can meet at that entrance.:balloon::party:
  13. I loove Aventura Mall and Bal harbour shops!! But i can do Boca town center too!! Can't wait 'til the meet!!

  14. I will definately be at the meet. I will probably bring a friend or boyfriend who bought my lovely first lv piece. GYMGIRL Margo is my favorite SA also. she is awesome and knows her stuff. Yeah! I am so excited. Will check back to make sure there is no change in time or date.
  15. Finally a S. Florida meet! And don't you know I'll be cruising the Mediterranean then? I'll have to wait patiently for the next one.

    Hey, are any of you S. Florida folks going to the makeover event at LV - Saks - Bal Harbour next week? They're doing makeovers inside the boutique there to celebrate Mom's Day.