South Florida Meet June 27, 2009

  1. Anyone close to Broward or Miami-Dade???
  2. I live in Miami dade!!!! We should have a meet .
  3. I live in Boca, I would be delighted to meet up>>>:tup:
  4. can we please have a meet? :smile: ive never been to one and im kinda excited. what do you do there anyway? PAHHH! :cutesy:
  5. in boca raton, willing to drive though!
  6. we really should have a meet!!!! Meet half way for the girls in Boca . Come one south florida , MEET MEET.
  7. I used to live in jupiter, but I just moved to NC. I'll be home the week of chirstmas if people are up to meeting!
  8. I live in Weston....a meet sounds fun!

    Did you guys see that Bloomindales is getting a LV boutique at Aventura mall? I received a flyer stating they (Bloomies) is having a event to celebrate the remodel Nov 29 thru Dec. 4th. Lots of cool things, including giveaways throughout the store. The also sent me 5 coupons for $25 off a $100 purchase. The coupon doesn't say it excludes Louis Vuitton, though it probably does... The cool thing is you can combine the coupons (with a limit of 4).
  9. ^^^^ for real WOW!!! that mall has everything but an LV was missing , im soo excited. yay!!! So def MEET MEET . IM in so you guys really want to meet. i work in retail so i think sats im going to be working in Dec. BUt lets decide on something. I want to meet my fellow TPER in SOUTH FLORIDA!!!
  10. Towncenter Mall on Glades in Boca has an LV store
    Galleria Mall on Sunrise Blvd in Broward has LV in Nieman Marcus
    Dadeland Mall in Miami has an LV store also
    Hope this helps. I moved, but will be down Feb 1/2.
    Have no $$ for LV at the moment.
    We just paid for our Costa Rica trip and have no extra cash :sad:

    But always willing to meet up and play with all the goodies!
  11. come on guys and gals i want to meet. I already met a great TPFER by coincidence but now i want to meet the rest of you . Come on south florida. I dont have $$$$ right now but do we really need that to have fun???
  12. I live in Aventura. 5 minutes from Aventura mall and my favorite store.
  13. I live in Miami! 2 minutes from Dadeland but I'm willing to meet anywhere lol. I was going to buy something soon but I'll postpone it for the meet!
  14. Meet Meet Meet!!!! Meet Meet !!!
  15. How about mid-late April or early May?? That way people have time to plan accordingly?