South Coast Plaza YSL (Costa Mesa, CA)

  1. Hi Everyone! I was at the YSL store yesterday, and I asked the SA about any upcoming sales. She told me that everything is 20% off starting NOv 1st for one week only and they are doing a pre-sale now (but you can't pick it up till the 1st). Just that I'd throw that out there. I wish I could by the black OS muse, but I just got my tribute in July. SOmetimes I wish I had gotten the Muse instead of the Tribute, but oh well. What can I do. What I really wanted was the FAuve bag with Jaguar print, but with 20% off, I still can't afford it now. :sad:
  2. Thanks for the info!! I have been thinking of adding another muse to my collection, so if I do, I will definitely use the discount!

  3. seems that we have same taste...i bought a tribute about a month ago...and then bought a o/s muse in black (but patent black). dont be regret about your tribute, because i am sure if u bought the o/s muse instead, u would be saying you wish you had gotten the tribute instead of o/s muse. because they are both so fabulous!!!
    you know now...i hope i can afford a medium downtown:roflmfao::p

  4. Hi there, do you remember the SA's name that told you this? I called the YSL store in Beverly Hills and they didn't know anything about this. They just said typically the sales start after Thanksgiving in December... So I was curious if maybe this is just an invitation sale only or another event? Thanks!!
  5. I think the 20% is part of this:

    South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County is having a charity event. With the purchase of one $60 Angelito's card supporting a children's charity in Orange County, you have access to 20% off of all participating stores from November 1 to 6 including Bottega.

    For more information, visit
  6. YSL is not listed under Luggage & Handbags section, so I don't know if they will honor that.

    [​IMG] Bally
    [​IMG] Bottega Veneta
    Charles David
    Cole Haan
    [​IMG] Dooney & Bourke
    Giuseppe Zanotti
    + Jimmy Choo
    Some exclusions may apply.
    Johnston & Murphy
    + LEIBER
    Some exclusions may apply.
    New Balance

    Rangoni Firenze
    + Salvatore Ferragamo
    Excludes all products
    made from Exotic leathers.
    [​IMG] Sergio Rossi
    Steve Madden
    + Stuart Weitzman
    Excludes pave handbags.
  7. Hi there,thanks for posting this message, I shop @ South Coast Plaza almost every week and I own a cream ivory muse bag, (one of my favorites from my collection), and I have been looking @ the black patent croc embossed quilted downtown bag, and I called the YSL boutique, and yes they are doing the 20% off but you have to purchase the Angelito's card for $60 which is tax deductible and it can be used at all participating retail stores @ South Coast Plaza
  8. Just spoke to the manager Karen at YSL South Coast and yes they are participating in the charity event Angelitos. You purchase a ticket for $60 and it is valid at over 150 stores at SCP. The ticket gives you 20% off all of your purchases at the participating stores. I am purchasing an Easy bag from YSL.:smile:
  9. ^^Is this still a valid event this year? This thread is from 2007 so I'm just curious.
  10. That is an awesome deal! Thanks
  11. Also they have a promo wherein you can have your YSL bag personalised...