South Coast Plaza Trunk Show is tomorrow

  1. Hello All went to SCP Plaza yesterday with DH and found out that the trunk show is tomorrow, January 30th from 10am-6pm. More about my extremely disappointing trip to SCP later..........................
  2. Go again tomorrow. I'm going to one later today
  3. Aargghh...I have to work....
  4. What Does A Trunk Show Entail?
  5. Yay! I'm going to the one at my store today :yes:

    photo, a trunk show is where they have out most or all of the new spring bags and pieces for you to look at.
  6. Hey maybe I'll see you in the store.. =) What time are you planning to go?
  7. are trunk shows open to the public? or is it invite only?

  8. Ohh what did you see:smile:
  9. I went around 1pm or 2pm today..if you were there then, my mom and I were standing near the jewelry area talking to Natalie, the manager :yes:
  10. I hope I don't offend anyone but..NOTHING struck my fancy this time around. I don't like the Dentelle (I saw the Speedy, pochette wallet, pochette and this bigger bag), the Patchwork line in both blue and gray, the squishy looking ones that are either calfskin or lambskin and in that really light pinkish beige color (those were the only halfway decent ones), the button looking ones (including the Tinkerbell) in both colors, the violet LVOE tote (which looks SO's BRIGHT purple and has orange and greenish sequins on the letters) and those plaid plastic looking ones. Besides the one I mentioned, I didn't like any of these on the runway and I don't like them IRL either. IMO, the LVOE was the biggest disappointment. I expected a lot more out of that style and it just looks really cheap to one of the bags you'd get for free with a cosmetics purchase at a department store. Maybe the canvas one will be a bit better but the violet was NOT cute.
    I also looked at the new Inclusions which I unfortunately can't take home until Thursday. Boo.
  11. Oh and by the way to anyone who was interested, I was talking to my SA who is the manager and she said she had to fight to get the trunk show to come here...originally it was supposed to be at the Neiman's at Fashion but she fought to get it here..she actually had the bags courier-ed up to SCP after the show ended today lol. And I guess we're lucky because she said only 4 stores in CA are having these shows.
  12. is it invite only?? any idea if they are doing in the LA area?
  13. Nah, it isn't invite only, you can just walk in at any time. But I don't know what other stores will be having them..there's 2 down so far and there are supposed to be 4 here (SCP's is tomorrow).
  14. Yayy I was going tomorrow anyways!

  15. Did they have the Damier Hampstead? I know it's not suppose to arrive until April, but was wondering if the trunk show had it for viewing?