South coast plaza today

  1. Even though I'm on a ban, I went to see the look book and see what they had in stock as far as new stuff. Well, they claimed that they did not have the "bag look book" yet, I was told it would be another 2 weeks. (But they had the shoe lookbook...?) Anyways, they had nothing in Amarante but here is what I saw:

    LVOE phone charm
    LVOE bandeau & scarf
    New LVOE pumps and mules
    Melusine shoes
    Patchwork flats & heels
    LVOE floral shawl
    Cirrus & Nimbus (in the darker color)
    One of the blue button bags
    Tons of patchwork bags
    MC bandeaus in black & white
    New azur sneakers
    Dentelle everything (except Kirsten)
    Alot of new red epi styles
    Denim wallets & cles

    So if you guys are looking for any of this stuff...Go!

    P.S. there is new costume jewelry out to match the Red Stephen Spouse Leopard line-hair tie, necklace & bracelet
  2. Thx for info! No amarante at my LV either. Just looked today but at least it's on elux.
  3. Oooohhhh the new Stephen red stuff...did you happen to notice how much the necklace was?
  4. Twiggers-I didn't get the price but they had lots of them! I would give them a call! The one thing I did notice about the bracelet though-it is VERY SMALL! (I couldn't even get it on my hand!) It is a stretchy band with the red leopard charm on it.
  5. Everything sounds soo yummy! Thanks for the update! ;)
  6. I was at SCP today too from about 3:30 pm until 8:00 pm!!! And I noticed the red Leopard jewelery also! I liked the heart shaped necklace. I also asked an SA about ordering an Accordeon chain but they said it could not be done... so annoying!!! The SCP Nordstroms Half Yearly sale for women was good. There were a bunch of designer purses on sale (33% and 40% off). It was a big selection!
  7. Ohhhh....I am definetly going to call about the necklace! I saw it on eBay...and have been lusting ever since!
  8. Thanks of the info