south coast plaza stock

  1. I went to scp today, and at the bloomingdales I saw some cambon stuff, a small khaki on khaki pocette, a very small black on black I guess you could call a bowler? not sure and I also saw some souple bags, the ones that went on sale in may, in different sizes but in black and a sharpei bag. I then went to the boutique and I saw a navy gst with silver and a black with gold hardware they also had the new bags styles. I was told an increase was going to happen soon and I asked in Sept. and she said no sooner. I didn't buy a bag because they no longer had the one I wanted, which was a diamond stitch tote.
  2. What did you think of the navy GST?
  3. I liked the navy gst the sa compared it to the black to prove it was navy and only then could you really tell, because its a dark navy. It looked really nice with the silver hardware, but for me I am still undecided