South Coast Plaza Meet - April 12, 2008

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  1. i'm soooooooooo in on this one! :yahoo:
  2. I got your e-mail and I will attend the SCP meet!
  3. i'll be there!! can't wait to check out SCP!!!
  4. ~I got the eVite. Will def. save this date for the meet. Hope to meet up w/ you guys:graucho:THANX Beljwl for organizing another one~
  5. I will definitely try to make it this time, yaaa!!!
  6. I'm definitely interested!
  7. Me too!
  8. Aww, I'll be in Japan til the 15th...have fun!
  9. Awhhh it's my BF's bday on the 12th! Maybe i can make the may 3rd have fun ladies!
  10. Yes! So excited to meet some TPFer's! I'll pm ya!
  11. got the evite, thanks B for sending it out. can't wait!
  12. :nuts:If were not doing anything for my Birthday that day, I'll so be there!!!:woohoo:
  13. i missed the last meet. i hope i get out of work in time to make this one!
  14. 10 more days!! :biggrin: :yahoo: