South Coast Plaza inventory..

  1. As of 9 pm 8/23 S.C.P. boutique has:
    small doctor's bag in black, red, brown
    large doctor's bag in black, brown
    grand shopper in black caviar w/ SILVER hardware!
    distressed calfskin tote in brown, black
    classic flap in black, gray, dark red, violet, blue, brown
    small bowler in black matte
    med cambon tote black with patent blk cc's
    that's all i could remember as i was drooling over the doctor's bag
  2. they don't have the cloudy bundle bags yet uh? Besides the bowling bag SoCal bought?
  3. Is this a boutique or dept store?
  4. I think she's referring to the boutique next to tiffanys :smile:
  5. i can't believe the violet classic flap is still there!
  6. Opps, sorry. It's the boutique next to Tiffany's
  7. They probably did but are sold out. I saw a few pieces from the vintage line there with the thick straps and lots of luggage! Also, a few pieces from the PNY ligne. They did have a cloudy bundle at NM newport beach on tues and also pieces from the sqaure vintage line, a coral bowler, and a few square totes with the distressed calfskin and the small cc at the top of the tote in red, brown, and black!
  8. Yes, when I called yesterday the SA indicated the cloudy bundle bags sold very quickly. Should add there may be one this afternoon...
  9. but my SA hasn't called me yet (I am like 2nd or 3rd on the waitlist!). And as of Tuesday BH Chanel also doesn't have the cloudy bunbdle bags yet. The only one I have seen in SCP is the bowler Socal bought.
  10. That's really surprise me about cloudy bundle being so popular.
    In Las Vegas boutique....It wasn't move out the door yet even one.
  11. Nope, just called my SA at SCP, the 2 cloudy bags i am waiting for (the Rachel Bilson's one and the east-west version) are not in yet.
  12. Actually I am not sure if it is actually that popular, when i called BH boutique and ask to have my name on the list for the east-west version Tue, I asked the SA do I have lots of people before my name, she said no and when she answered "no" she sounded like a little surprise that I sounded little worry whether I have lots of ppl b4 me. I think lots of focus are actually on the huge patent looking bag seen on runway.