South Coast Plaza Cocktail Reception (LOOONG!)

So first off let me just say that I had an amazing time and I took one of my really good friends with me cause this is definitely not something she's ever been to before. Again I must thank Mary for all her help tracking down a LVOE pin because it was the talk of the night. So my outfit was basically a black Old Navy Tshirt with my new LVOE pin, Antik Jeans, Perforated Black Belt, and YSL boots.

Here's a slightly better shot of more of my outfit...

I look cross eyed cause I'm trying to look through the screen. :Push:

So we leave to South Coast around 5:30 and we first have dinner at Vie De France which is sooo nice after its remodel. We then proceed to LV at precisely 6:30 and as we're waiting to get checked in, I notice that a bunch of SA's and customers are looking outside the store in my direction. I turn around discreetly to see what they're looking at and turns out they're staring at me and my LVOE pin (again thanks Mary!). So we get checked in and sign up for the raffle which I doubt either of us won, but heck why not?

We get inside and we're immediately greeted by waiters with Champagne and beautiful hors d oeuvres. We walk around a little bit just looking here and there and my regular SA approaches telling me that my pin has arrived. Background info, after I had ordered my pin with Mary's help, 2 days later my SA called to say that they got 1 in for me. So I tell him that I'll look around and see if there's anything else I want cause I obviously already had one. As we walk around I saw several bags from this season and season's past. In total, I saw 2 Leopard Polly's, 2 Leopard Stephens, I Mono klara, 1 Blue Le Fab, 2 Silver Mirior Speedy's, 1 Gold Papillon, 1 Grey Patchwork Bowly, 1 Cirrus in Ecru, and a lady with a White 35 Birkin with PH. Too many bags to keep track off but it was definitely a sight to see along with all the plastic surgery and botox. ;)

So the South Coast store is divided into 4 main sections, there's the main section that you walk in, to your left is the fine jewelry, to the right is menswear and the back up a few steps is the womenswear. Strategically placed around the store were several lighted podiums with the fleurs de lis upon which there were models wearing some pieces from the Fall Winter 2007 Ready to Wear collection.

After admiring people's bags and explaining them to my friend, and having some more champagne, we proceeded to menswear where I saw the Champs Elysees ring and of course it just had to fit. And you guessed it, it came home with me all right. It was seriously fate, it was the right size for my thumb and it was the last one! So we meander over towards the general bag bar in the main room where I persuade my friend to try on the Tulum PM and she's in love, but today's not the day for her dream bag. In a few months yes, but not today. We eventually make it over to pay, after sampling some more yummy food and I exchange my other LVOE pin for my ring. And seriously it was meant to be for me to get the pin that Mary found for me because the one my SA got for me had crooked rhinestones on it. So all in all, LV was fantastic tonight and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

On a side note, not sure if you all would be interested as this is the LV forum but I stopped by Hermes and asked my SA to hunt down a crocodile billfold that I've been lusting over!!! Good night everyone and thanks for reading.

Oh yeah since I know we all LVOE photos on this forum here's some more...

Me and my friend...

And a few purchases that I've made in the past few weeks...

Thanks again for reading everyone and have a good night!!!

Taco, too bad you couldn't come, I would've loved to have met up with you, feel better soon!


Jun 8, 2006
Thanks for sharing and glad that you guys have a fantastic time! You both look gorgeous and your LVOE pin is TDF:drool:


Mar 5, 2006
Thanks for sharing. You guys look great and the LVOE pin is beautiful. Congrats on your new ring.


Jan 30, 2006
Thank you for sharing your FAB experience ... the LVOE Brooch is just stunning..great contrast against the black look lovely:heart:


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
Thanks for sharing! Love all your things and glad you had a great time!