south coast LV experience

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  1. again, i must say i'm very disappointed with the SA there...they obviously have their nose high up in the air..i don't see this much with the one in beverly center...i actually went to south coast because of the gucci sale..was really disappointed then headed over to LV...

    i went in today to see the damier pochette :love:..and a few other items..the lady basically just took it out and "slammed" it on the glass surface for me to see...its either they didn't like the fact that i actually knew the names of the bag???

    i did buy something..but that has to go into another thread when my the battery of my camera is fully charged :P (which will be tomorrow)

    i saw several miroir pochettes (gold and silver)..and some miroir "tags"...noticed that they put the suhali collection together with the damier collection..and a bit of vernis too.....saw the larger mink bum bag and must say it's beautiful although it might be pretty useless..saw the mink scarf too! must be really warm!

    the MC counter seems very quiet..i think it's because of the price increase..they are highly priced IMO!

    anyway..enough of my rant..i really don't like shopping at south coast LV!!
  2. well you can't really compare south coast with beverly center. SCP is really in competition with Rodeo Drive.. and if you think about it that way, SCP LV versus Rodeo Drive LV? who's to say either one is worse! LOL. SCP vs Beverly Center = SCP wins. it's a mall that's targeted towards the older, more mature/sophisitcated crowd with buttloads of money to spend. BC has a little bit of everything to cater to all sorts of money. SCP seeks out their tenants, BC leases out their spaces. blah blah blah...

    all i'm trying to say is that you can't compare SCP to BC.. the customers are different, the SA's will be different too.

    however, i AM sorry you got the 'feeling' you got bad service/etc. Next time (if there ever will be!) ask for Sherry! She's my SA and i LOVE her to bits. shes very nice and patient with choosing pieces. :smile:
  3. sorry rensky...I hate it when you are treated badly!

    It seems to happen alot in the LV world lately!
  4. I'm sorry it was not a great experience, but I can't wait to see what you got!:yes:
  5. that is terrible! so sorry to hear that unbelievable the SA just threw the purse on the table!

    Maybe you were dressed too casual??? Alot of SA will judge by how u dress. My dad knew a friend who got so much money but dress like a bum LOL. He went to the LV store and the SA apparently thought he was homeless lol...

    He bought over 2 bags for his wife and he could not believe it and started complaining to my dad mayb he shouldn't come in there at all LOL.

    Anyways you'll b judge if u don't dress well unfortunately. If thats not the case then those SA were plain rude.
  6. UGH...sorry, I don't want this taken the wrong way but...I don't like SCP LV! I've been in there once, and I never want to go back! They were rude to me and my it really because we were young? I have absolutely no idea. I've gotten better service, elsewhere.
  7. In my opinion, it doesn't matter where the LV store is located, what kind of money the people in the area have, how much they have etc... People who are in LV to spend their money should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of having hard earned, old, new or somebody-gave-it-to-me money! It's all money and we are all people! I've been to SCP, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and the Beverly Center LV... It doesn't matter. I don't give them a chance to mistreat me. Hell, I walk in with an attitude that says, "Don't mess with me." I might add that I always get great service! Do not be intimidated by a SA. If one doesn't work well for you get another one! Better yet, ask for the manager and enjoy yourself shopping or looking. Be true to yourself. Don't let ANYBODY mistreat you especially when you are spending your money.
  8. RIGHT ON!!! But for future shopping expeditions at South Coast Plaza ask for Val, Theresa, or DK!!! They're all probably helps that 2 of them are managers though...
  9. I meant to add that my SA's name at SCP is: Hiroko. She was a delightful young lady. :smile:
  10. Erica is my SA at SCP and I love her. It shouldn't matter whether you are dressed casually or whatever. At first, I got a horrible SA who thought my agenda was fake when I asked for LV post-it notes. (Thanks Sandra, I knew they existed!!) I just switched and now I seriously love going into Louis. The bad thing is that I can never leave without getting something! Keep it up!

    P.S. Totally agree with Frozen. I know at my store we sometimes (haha most of the time) think of ourselves as better than the other stores located elsewhere because we are a flagship with one of the highest net sales in the company. We have the best equiptment/computer/walkies etc...

    All the Best,
  11. I find that the LV at Rodeo is the worst of them all! GoldenLeopardLady hit the nail on the head, you have to go to these stores with 'tude.' It's almost as if you must demand the attention.

    Anyway, SCP have a few good people - ask for Emiko (SA) or Stephanie (Assistant Luggage Manager) - she's great.

    As for BC - Sam is THE best. I can guarantee that he will take care of you!:yes:
  12. OMG Hiroko is so sweet!! I went to SCP LV a few wks. ago just to try on a few bags that I had been curious about and she was so patient, and kind...always smiling. I didn't buy anything that day...and at the end I asked her if I decided to go with one of the bags if I could call her later. She graciously handed me her card w/ a nice smile and told me to have a nice day. I smiled and thanked her.

    She was just soooo nice!!! :yes: ;)
  13. Sam is my SA at BC!!!!

  14. Rensky--sorry you were treated that way.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new LV though!! :smile:
  15. I hope your new item made up for the unhelpful treatment.
    I think the problem with LV is that it is so popular it sells itself so some sales staff can afford a very blase/who cares type attitude.:s