south beach! (not the diet!)

  1. im going to south beach with about 14 girls next week.any tips on the hot places to go out...restaurants, clubs, shopping ofcourse :yahoo:

  2. Mangos is cool

    Go to Wet Willy's and get a Call a Cab :yes:

    have fun!
  3. There are a lot of other places but I went a while ago. I never got to go to them but here are some...

    BED, Crobar, Gloria Estefan's place is pretty cool i heard, i think its called Congas.

    Check also for some reviews

    As for shopping theres Lincoln Road, Coconut Grove, all along South Beach there are some shops. You're gonna have to drive out of South Beach if you want some malls and outlets
  4. we went to bed last time, it was great!
  5. has anyone been to mynt?
  6. For food
    You MUST go to Barton G, Jerrys famous deli, Johnny Rockets and Big Pink.

    THE Hotel rooftop bar I think it's called the Spire it does fab neon cocktails.

    Shops you can't do south beach without Bal Habour that is a beautiful shopping centre and full of all the designers.

    I spent a month in South Beach and loved it feel free to PM if you have any question I might be able to help you with

    and you must do a Duck tour so much fun quack quack quack!
    also the shore club for sky bar and delano for the rose bar.

    I went to mynt didn't like it.
  7. Ahh so much to do there!!! I love eating at the Newsroom Cafe- right on the beach. Check out Versace's house. Ocean drive has bars/clubs all up and down it! Have a blast
  8. how could I foregt about news cafe. Had a burger there at 4 am & one too many martinis:party: you can view news cafe on earthcam.

    Versace mansion is called casa casuarina I've actually been inside it is beautiful and so peaceful it's amazing to think about everything that is going outside the walls when it's so quiet there are loads of flashes I thought it was a storm but it was all the people taking pics. Apparently it is the 2nd most photographed house in US the 1st being the white house
  9. Are you going for a bachelorette party? I went there last year with about 20 girls. Love it! Definately cruise Ocean Drive day or night. Mangos, Wet Willys, Nikki Beach are some great places to hit up during the day. I'd definately recommend Mansion for the night time. Me & my girls actually met some local guys our first night out, they told us where to go, what to do. They even hooked us up with VIP at clubs.
  10. thanks for yalls help! i heard about wet willy's...that call a cab drink sounds tempting but deadly!
  11. have a fun trip!!:nuts:
  12. double post!
  13. oh gee the last time I was in South Beach....................oh what happens in Miami............stays in Miami!! :graucho: The hot club when I was there was called Club Liquid and it was owned by Chris Paciello and Ingrid Casares (she used to hook up w/Madonna), anywho one night I totally made out w/Chris at the club............before he was a gangsta! See what alcohol can do to ya!

    Hmmm I was there for my 23rd birthday, so 10 years ago. So couldn't help ya there. But I will say that if you are planning on going down to the Keys, rent a convertible, leave early in the AM as it takes a while to get all the way down to Key West.

    There was this one fun place we would go everyday at 5pm for happy hour, it had HUGE SLURPIE SLUSHIE alcoholic drinks on the wall, Fat here for locations!!