South Beach Miami Hotels???...OCT.MEETUP???

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  1. Im in the process of booking a long weekend for "THE JILLS" the beginning of OCTOBER.
    Any recommendations for hotels in South Beach area?Nicer ones...4-5 stars..??
    Im currently looking at LOEWS.......Any advice is appreciated.

    The Jills need a break from "the MEN in their hem...".:rolleyes:..ROFLMAO.......Time for another girl trip!!!!
  2. PS-Any PFers living in that area...we r more than happy to have a meetup too!!!
  3. OK...We booked ourselves at Loews..LOl..Looks nice there....Any PFers in FLA.....???MEETUP>?????
  4. me, Havanerita, Sunshine and a few more members....

    ......Delano's hotel is gorgeous....
  5. ^I ended up booking at Loews...supposed to b nice there.Airfare was going up with the I booked it fast!LOL!
    We soooooo need a FLA PF meetup there!(Martini night!!!)
  6. I agree with HIGMaintance, The Delano it's beauttiful or their sister hotel the Shore Club. THere 5 stars.... The have the best concierge ...
  7. delano's pool area and cabanas are beautiful!! I feel like I'm in some big exotic backyard!! fun fun!!!
  8. Are u going to be here by yourself or with Co.?.........What day of the week? Let's plan something....
  9. Jillybean and I fly in the night of the 5th(late) and leave the 9th..LMK if u want to meet up.Im going to close this and start a South beach meet up thread on its own
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.