South Beach FL only En Avance in-store sale

  1. I know this will only affect a limited few of you, BUT, I just got an email from this cute boutique on Lincoln Road (they're next to the Apple store):

    En Avance ridiculous sale...10.00, 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00 for all sale merchandise. Some items are more than 90% off...NO CREDIT CARDS.
    Stop by if you get a chance and tell your friends.

    thought I'd pass it along..
  2. ACK!!!

    Ill be in South Beach in about 2 weeks...HEHE
  3. I clearly need to get on a plane....can't miss a sale. LOL! I'm from South Florida, so I'm down there alot anyways. Too bad not this weekend.
  4. You know the sad thing? I have a friend who works right ON Lincoln Road, yet she wouldn't even be remotely interested in this (she doesn't like shopping). Yet I'm stuck here in San Antonio...sigh...can I go home now? :crybaby:
  5. that is really sad...
  6. any idea how long the sale is going on for? I would call but I can't make any noise lest I wake up the 10 month old monster in the other room:p

    Can't get there till sunday but it's not too far from here so I'd love to know if anyone has gone and what they got.

  7. wow. :tup: hopefully i can go on friday/sat.
  8. OMG! Why am I back in Ohio right now?! lol That's such a great sale!!!

    Let us know what you make out with if you go!

    glitter, I think part of the problem with your friend is that Lincoln Road is literally bombarded with tourists so she is probably so happy to leave after work. lol

    I know that's how I felt sometimes and I lived right in the Art Deco district literally 30 seconds from the ocean. :push: