South Beach Diet?

  1. Is the South Beach Diet a do or a don't? Does it work? Is it too hard to stick to? Anyone had success with it and kept the weight off? Would love some advice! Thanks everyone!
  2. I tried the SB diet back in september because i was having the hardest time losing the last 10 pounds of my goal weight. my cousin suggested sbd because she lost 13 pounds the first time she tried it so i thought i would give it a try. it was hard giving up certain foods but i was determined and stuck with it. i lost about 9 pounds the first two weeks. I'm really glad i tried it, i still eat healthier than i have in a long long time. I didn't follow the next phase as much, I just exercised about four to six times a week and continued to eat right and i've managed to keep the weight off. It's also good to have a buddy, that way you can encourage each other. Good luck!
  3. All I know is their Southwestern Chicken is so friggin tasty!!!
  4. I love the south beach diet my only problem is I live in the and it's heavy on salads etc it gets cold here so I alwasy stumble in winter I don't want to eat salad I'm starting it again next week. I started a thread about it a while back, click on my user profile and "find threads by user" i.e you'll find it in there if you want to read it
  5. I am resurrecting this old thread, rather than starting a new one.

    I just started SBD yesterday, so I am on day 2 of phase 1, I'm curious if anyone else is actively following the SBD? I'd love to exchange tips, gripes, etc.
  6. South Beach is one of the better diets to try because it has a sensible approach to weight loss recommedning a healthy, balance eating plan. Take a look at this article for more information I lost ten pounds over the course of four months following the plan. I know it doesn't sound a lot, but it was a lot for me. However, i then got pregnat (again) and put it all back on, and then some!
  7. What exactly is SB diet? A meal plan? Buy ready-made meals?
  8. It is basically a meal plan. For the first 2 weeks you have barely any sugar, so you sort of "detox" from sugar and it greatly reduces your cravings. For the first two weeks, you basically eat lean protein (leak steak, beef, chicken) and lots of unstarchy vegetables. No fruit, no added sugar, no flour, no grains, no alcohol. It sounds tough but I'm on day 10 and it's not bad at all. After two weeks, you slowly add in good sugars (fruits, starchy vegetables) and whole grains.

    The diet is not for everyone, but for those who are interested and committed to eatly cleanly, it works.

    I see a lot of people say that if you deprive yourself, you will just binge, etc. I disagree- I think there are some people who just cannot eat certain foods because they trigger over-eating or they are not satisfying and make you hungry in a short period of time... and SBD teaches you all of that stuff
  9. Interesting. So what do you have for breakfast on those first two weeks?
  10. For breakfast you have 2 oz of protein and 1/2 cup of vegetables. So usually 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of vegetables. Filling up on veggies is key on SBD. For lunch and dinner, you have 3 oz of protein and 2 cups of vegetables. You also have 2 snacks throughout the day, usually nuts or veggies and dip, etc
  11. Interesting. I can't imagine eating veggies first thing in the morning!
  12. I usually just eat 1/2 of a cucumber the way you'd eat an apple, pealed and plain. It's really not that bad and it helps with digestion/getting moving throughout the day.
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    I've been my husband's SBD buddy since August. My husband has lost over 30 lbs in that timeframe, and is not looking back! (I lost about 5 lbs, but I'm thin to begin with; I didn't do it for the weight loss, but for the healthier lifestyle.) Once you figure out the list of things you can/cannot eat, it's actually pretty easy to maintain. I loved the fact that it wasn't as restrictive as most diets, and emphasized just making better choices. You can have bread and pasta, but make sure it's whole wheat. I never felt deprived because I was constantly eating - they encourage you to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert AND two snacks a day! I used to always skip breakfast and dessert, so it seemed crazy for me to think that I could lose weight by eating more, but I did.

    This link helped me with SO many creative recipes, especially through Phase 1 (the roughest phase). I also played around with many of the SBD recipe books, there is great stuff in there that make you forget you're on a diet! I've brought their blueberry cobblers and taco casseroles to potlucks, and no one even guesses it's diet food. :smile:

    Be very, very wary of ANY of the "South Beach Diet" marketed snacks and TV dinners. One of the main mantras of SBD is fresh foods over processed, preservative-laden food and that's exactly what those marketed boxes are. Pretty much the SBD creator "sold out" to these big companies like Kraft in order to make money using the SBD name. So even if it says it's safe for Phase 1 or 2, I'd stay away unless you really have nothing else to eat (I admit carrying their snack bars if I can't locate fresh fruit or nuts while on the go).

    I've always led an awful diet (I ate my first salad in college!) full of fast food and junk, so I always say....if I can do it, pretty much anyone else can follow this. Since I've been on the diet, I've discovered that I actually like veggies - I never had green beans or asparagus before and now I crave them! My husband had never, ever followed a diet in his life and has stuck through this with ease. It does take some willpower, but with diet buddies and encouragement, you can definitely succeed!!
  14. I follow basic principles of South Beach. In fact, the plan is what encouraged me to stop eating complex carbs like white bread. At lunchtime I always used to have sandwiches and was practically falling asleep on my desk around 4 pm. I cut out eating bread at lunch and bingo! the crashes went away.

    Even if you don't follow the plan, the recipes in the books are excellent. I use many of them. Yesterday I just made Thai Shrimp Soup (from the Supercharged South Beach book) and it was delicious. Today I made Mexican Chicken Soup from another South Beach cookbook. All the recipes are low fat, low salt and easy to make. Plus they taste great!
  15. My mother and sister both did SBD and each said it was extremely easy. They both did it over 1 1/2 years ago and have both managed to keep off the sister lost about 15 lbs, and my mother about 17 lbs. They said they've continued to make healthier eating choices because of it.