South Beach Diet Support Group

  1. So I know a few of us are on this diet or are just starting on it I thought it'd be helpful to have a support group just to help keep motivated and swap ideas.

    My essential tip #1

    When starting on the SBD you'll notice the breakfasts get borring after a week (phase 1 only) I've been using protein shakes for breakfast instead, quick, easy and they can taste pretty good
  2. This is a great idea! Im planning on starting the diet tomorrow - breakfast was was my main concern because I dont eat eggs.
    Any alternative ideas would be great. you mentioned protein shakes?
  3. ^ I got totally sick of eggs there ok in smaller doses but eventually it's ok enough is enough. I am using the Holland & Barratt Whey Protein I have strawberry, Banana & Vanilla but I've also added Coffee granuals to vanilla to make it like a frappacino (just a tiny amount of coffee) and I go half & half with banana & strawberry anything to keep variety basically.

    My advice is make sure your prepared take meals with you and make sure you know where you can get snacks if you need then there is nothing worse than being unprapared and stuck for food.
  4. This is great. I just started the SBD today. I only want to lose that stubborn 5 lbs I keep gaining/losing. I did a google search as I don't have the SBD book. Now eating dinner and already thinking of quitting this! My question is in phase I, no dairy at all? What about a little NF cottage cheese? All I've eaten is meat and salad for both lunch and dinner and 2 eggs for breakfast. I can pass on the alcohol if I have to but no fruit is hard too.
  5. phase 1 is the hardest but it is worth it pm me your email address I'll send you the recommended plan they have the first week, you actually eat lots of dairy these first 2 weeks one of the most important things is to never be hungry you shouldn't feel like quitting on the first day your not eating enough
  6. Thanks Label Addict I will check out the protein drink.
    One more question lol. Do you have any good snack tips, other than whats given in the book?
  7. Have a look at the list of foods you can have and pick from them for instance it never says on the menu plans nuts but they are on the approved list so you can use them as an alternative snack I have 2 of the cook books so I'll add a recipe on here every once in a while just to keep us going, I'm hoping to get the other 2 books soon.
  8. I wanted to wish everyone good luck on this plan.
  9. I think I already blew it. I couldn't help myself, I finished the rest of M&M's that were at my desk. :crybaby:I'm pathetic, huh?
  10. Ok don't hate yourself every one has slips just get back on the horse so to speak make sure you have no more temptation around you it's not going to help. Other than taht how are you (and everyone else) getting on today?
  11. Great thread label I shall be joining in earnest when I return from my holiday on the 26th
  12. thank you for the links gingerfarms those sites are really handy
  13. Day 1 and 2 were fine for me. Day 3 - today not so good. At around 5ish I started to feel really dizzy. So i drank a sugary drink and had some nuts. Felt a bit better after a while. Had a good dinner but still felt a bit of a headache. I had a banana and im not hungry at all but I still feel a bit "off" not a good feeling at all.
  14. Phase 1 is a bit of a detox make sure to drink water to help flush the toxins, it's also intended to help get rid of craving you are having so your body is bound to resist this a little it does get better but try to resist sugars as that will keep the cravings going.

    Keep up the good work!