~*South America?!*~

  1. Hello all!

    My mom and I take a yearly cruise to somewhere fabulous for about 3 weeks. This may we went to Europe and the Med. For this spring, she has started talking about a South American Cruise! I'm hooked- I would love to go to RIO and Buenos Aires. However, my ignorant American side is showing, and I know nothing about the continent!

    Anyone ever been or know anything that could help us narrown down the perfect cruise?! How's the shopping....heheh!

  2. Buenos Aires is LOVELY, it's like the Paris of South America. There's a bag brand there called Prune that has great styles (there are a few store locations).

    In Brazil you can get great shoes for dirt cheap.
  3. Do some research on Frommers and Fodors to learn about the cities. Since it is new to both of you, I am sure you will have a blast wherever you go! I know some trips go down parts of the Amazon, others visit the Galapagos, others even visit Antarctica. I haven't been anywhere in South America yet, have a trip planned for May to Buenos Aires, which I have only heard great things about - so make sure you stop there!
  4. We did a cruise to Antarctica last year and stopped in Buenos Aires afterwards. BA has tons of great leather products (like purses and jackets!), as well as super cheap steak.

    You could also cruise to Patagonia or on the Amazon river. The Galapagos would be amazing as well, there are so many choices!
  5. Buenos Aires is more "European" because of its influences. I have some relatives who live there. Check the weather before you go, because their summer months are the opposite of the U.S.

    Costa Rica is supposed to be excellent, as is Belize. They are both good for Rainforest and outdoor fun. I am sure another great spot to visit is Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, and also Peru.

    Have fun!
  6. If you go to Costa Rica, you might as well go to Panama. There is a cruise that goes through the Panama Canal but def. would not go all the way to Argentina or Brazil.
  7. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city. They have lots of leather for dirt cheap. The only thing is their seasons are opposite of the US, so if you are going in May as someone mentioned, just be aware that it will be pretty cold.