Source for Crocodile bags

  1. Does anyone out there have a source for crocodile handbags? I simply cannot afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a designer croc bag. I would like to purchase something classic, not too trendy, can spend up to $2,000 or so. Online source preferred. Found "", they have designer knock-offs, but have an excellent customer rating on e-bay. Thanks.
  2. Crocodile skins are expensive. That's why there are relatively few genuine croc bags out there. As you probably already know, there are tons of embossed leather bags made to look like crocodile. It's unlikely you will find an online source that sells the real deal cheap.
  3. debe, i share your pain. i think its quite extreme to buy a ten of thousand dollars handbag. i bought some purses from this site they do genuine crocodile and ostrich purses at reasonable prices. i got them to custom some of my purses.
  4. I know of a great place, go to:

    She has a wide variety of skins, croc, gator, snake, you name it. I have bought from her and she has great service and fast shipping. Her bags are mostly vintage and many are within your price range.
  5. I also know what you mean - genuine croc is fabulous but very expensive. Let us know how you get on (and good luck!)
  6. I have seen several Nancy Gonzalez bags on eBay for less than $2k as a starting bid.
  7. Ladysalesrep --- per your suggestion, I tried yesterday.

    I am blown away thus far, with the selection, pricing, and amazing customer service. After I receive my bag - and if it turns out to be as good as I think it will be - I will definitely be making a post about this company.

    Thanks for posting the site! :love:
  8. Hi! I came across this site that sells exotic leather bags.
    Never shopped at this site before, thus totally don't know how's the quality, etc.

    haa.. but think worth visiting the site, because apart from crocodile leather, they have really weird leather bags like chicken leather, shark leather, fish leather, stingray leather!!! :roflmfao:
  9. After seeing these crocolux bags i am just about positive they are not genuine crocodile-- does anyone know differently?

  10. I bought 2 croc bags from her last week and iam over the moon- the bags are gorgeous- i got 2 bags, one in alligator and one in porosous croc- the total cost was $2546 and that coverered shipping and customs charges.:yahoo::woohoo:
  11. I cannot recommend enough either. I am thrilled with the items I received, better in real life than I ever imagined. Lisa is spectacular to work with.