Soups = Sodium?

  1. Hi! I'm trying to cut back on my intake of sodium

    but I love campbell's ABC tomato veggie soup.

    can anyone tell me why is it that when i consume one can, for lunch, that equals two servings...would i get a value of 60+% of sodium?!

    that can't be good for you right?

    any alternatives?

    also trying to cut back on the ramen!
  2. you might try an organic brand, or some of cambell's low-sodium varieties. most soup is high in sodium, though, i'm afraid.
  3. One kind I CAN'T recomment are the Campbell's Select low sodium soups. They seriously taste like cardboard. I accidentally picked up a couple of the wrong cans but made them anyway (specifically the Italian Wedding one), figuring they'd taste the same; not even CLOSE. Might as well have hot water with some tofu in it.
    I'd just suggest not eating it too often or watering the regular ones down a bit.
  4. Yes. Canned soups have A LOT of sodium in them. Best bet is to look for the low sodium ones. There are a lot of varieties nowadays to choose from. I'm not a big soup person so I can't recommend any. Sorry !!
  5. progresso have a great selection of low soduim soups which i eat daily!