Soup's On!!!!

  1. Just thought I'd share a Kodak moment with you all. My doggies having some chicken noodle soup:

  2. awww .. aren't dogs just the best :heart::love:
  3. Awwwe, cute.
  4. Aww, cute pic!

    By the way, though, I don't know if you put onions in your chicken soup (I always do), but onions are toxic to dogs. I always knew about the chocolate, but didn't know about onions and grapes.
  5. How precious! Did you cook it especially for them? My dogs would be in seventh heaven!

    Is that five dogs I counted? You (and them) are so lucky to have each other!:love:
  6. Awww, I love soup and I love dogs.. :heart:
  7. NOOOO!!! I did not know that:wtf:...and one of my dog loves onions!!!! BTW, click on's a video;)
  8. How cute!! It's a good thing you didn't have me over for dinner. I would've eaten it all, I LOVE chicken soup LOL.
  9. That's cute!
  10. That's so cute! The video is sooo funny, they're all so into the soup!

    And I didn't know that grapes are toxic to dogs, my friend feeds her dog grapes all the time and he seems to love them?
  11. Did they have a cold? *LOL*

    My mom used to give her rat terrier chocolate years and years ago, before most people knew it was toxic. The dog was just fine for many years and then one day after eating chocolate, she had a terrible seizure! Mom had no clue what caused it and didn't suspect the chocolate since she'd given it to the dog for so many years. The vet told her it sometimes takes a certain quantity, on an empty stomach, at a certain age, for it to be toxic to that particular dog.

    So just because they've easily tolerated something in the past does not mean it is okay for them to have it.