Souple vs. Rigide

  1. Hi, all! I'm going to D.C. this weekend, and I'm going to the Hermes boutique while I'm there. In case they have a Kelly that I like, can someone explain to me the differences and pros/cons of souple vs. rigide? I'd probably like a 32 Kelly.
  2. Oh I'm such a novice...but souple is softer and slouchier...rigid is more ladylike (IMO). I would love to have rigid Kelly someday soon...
  3. Hi Tammy, it all depends on what look you're going for. A 32 Rigide will hold less than a 32 Souple but will be a more formal look. A Rigide is more expensive and will keep it's shape better overtime, but souple is a more casual look. Kelly bags are such chameleons! The look of them really depend on the size, type of leather and HW. Really, get what looks and feels appealing to you! Good luck and I hope you find one!
  4. I have a rigid and it is a very structured bag. You simply cannot dump stuff inside as it will look weird. The souple is more slouchy and casual-looking. But it really depends on your personal preference when you are in the shop.

    When I got mine, there was a souple and also a rigid, but I personally prefer the rigid.

    Greentea is correct that the rigid is more expensive. At least here in Switzerland, the rigid Kelly is almost the same price as a Birkin ... give or take a few hundred.
  5. Tammy which one are you leaning towards?
  6. I'm not sure which one I'm leaning toward. I'm definitely a casual person, so do you think the souple would be a better choice?

    LeVan, thanks for posting those two pictures.
  7. I wish I could be more help. I am a total Hermes novice. But based on LeVan and Greentea, who have infinitely more knowledge than I, I would go for the souple because it is more casual. Either way, its a gorgeous bag and you can't go wrong.
  8. I'd get the souple, then. And you could always still use it for very nice events/parties/dinners. I can't wait to hear if you found one... :smile:
  9. I have a 32 rigid and I have always wanted the souple. I dress more casual than my bag!
  10. Ooh - we'd love to see a picture, ann!
  11. I will have to find it. I have been in Balenciaga/Chloe faze and have no idea where it is. When I find it, I will post pics.
  12. Hi Tammy...
    If you ever wanna carry the bag while dressing casually, I'd definitely recommend the souple.

    I'm usually casual dresser..
    Hmm Let's see: I like to wear Blouse & skirt, dresses, jeans & flowy tops, trech coats.. and the souple goes well with all of them.

    Still, I personally wouldn't carry my souple kelly bag with t-shirt/jeans, or those juicy velour suits. The bag itself seems too classy for really casual attire..
  13. Both are gorgeous...
  14. From what I've been told, rigide is stitched on the outside making it more structured, and souple is stitched on the inside making it more slouchy.