Soupcon sunnies...should I keep them? **pics**

  1. I just got my new Soupcon sunnies today in Dark Tortoise. How do they look? Should I keep them or return them? Thanks for your input. :smile:

    Sorry the pics aren't the best.
    LV Soupcon 001.jpg LV Soupcon 002.jpg LV Soupcon 003.jpg
  2. I think they look nice on you. If you really like them you should keep them :smile: Are you having second thoughts? I just bought sunnies and had a heck of a time deciding what to get. Enjoy your new purchase!
  3. I think they look really good on you. I would keep them.
  4. i think they're great I would def keep them I love the soupcon designs!
  5. I think you should keep them. They look great on you :tup:
  6. I got mine a month ago and the sticker shock at the beg. made me have second thoughts. I kept em and love em. They are sturdy, stylish and wonderful!!!
  7. I'm not having second thoughts. I really like them, but just wanted other people's opinions on how they looked. In case they're not the right shape for my or something like that.
  8. The shape looks very nice on your face:tup:
  9. They look good on you.
  10. They look great! Definitely keep!
  11. They're nice! Congrats!!
  12. it looks gd on u .. congrats.. :smile:
  13. It looks good. :smile: I think you should keep it.
  14. They look great...I say go for it
  15. I think they look great on you!