Soupcon GM Sunnies in Pomme D'Amour/ Pics please!

  1. I've been all over the LV website (all countries) and can't get theses to load. Can someone post a pic if they have purchased them already or at least one from a magazine. Thanks.
  2. if it wont load on any of the sites it generally means the colour isnt available yet. the amarante inclusions have been like that for a few weeks now
  3. Thanks - I'm really itching to see them. I guess I'll have to be patient.
  4. I have these in the Blue. I guess the Pomme will come out looking like the inclusion bracelet colour
  5. They are GORGEOUS. I tried them on when I was at the trunk show..they're smaller than the Obsessions and more square but still really pretty. They're a little bit darker then the Pomme Inclusions though.
  6. They are in the Valentines catalog :smile:
  7. :heart: Just checked out my Valentines catalog. Those really are gorgeous! Definately red.
  8. Ta da!


    I don't even want to think of trying them on...I'd be so tempted to get it. But I shall be be contented with my pair of Chanels for now, and FOCUS on LV bags first, lol.
  9. OH! I cant wait to see them
  10. They are stunning:heart: