Soupçon GM Sunglasses, anybody have or seen IRL?

  1. Does anyone have these sunglasses or have they seen them IRL? I'm thinking about getting a pair. Are LV sunglasses good sunglasses?

    Here's a pic from elux
  2. I just ordered mine for V-Day
  3. I love them!
  4. which color did you get? I'm thinking about getting black?
  5. This is the exact glasses I want to get. I tried them looks great on me.
    I read the article somewhere it's handmade. Let's see if I can find the article..

    I want to get this
  6. I love the honey glitter at the moment, not a fan of black, the tortise is a little busy for my face.

    ^Nita, I think the black would look sexy on you though.
  7. Nita-they even say hand made in france on the inside of the frames.

    I have the ones in light glitter honey and I love them! They're great sunnies! The color is gorgeous too! Here's pics..


  8. I love the glitter one but I think black looks best on me because I have dark hair..honey glitter looks hot when you have lighter hair color or highlight..

    I know black one is so boring because it's black and can't even tell it's LV..
    Yeah..I agree with you pinkwhatever, tortoise is pretty but too busy on my face too..not too bad on me but DH agree with one is good on me..the problem is it looks like my Gucci sunglasses..I think I have to wait..may be LV will come up with more style I like more and looks good on me.
  9. ^yeah I agree the black is really nice but you can't really tell it's LV. I just love that glitter honey color. I wanted to get obsessions, but didn't match me. I have dark hair (right now, probably coloring/hilighting again later) and I think it looks alright.
  10. I just ordered the black from elux :yahoo: I look good in black sunglasses and like the other the tortise dosen't work for me. My hair is med-dark brown with a few carmel highlights in the front...maybe I should have got the glitter honey?? but I've not seen this color IRL and black is a safe bet.
  11. I have the Soupcon PM in tortoise and they are lovely. There was a video a while ago on that showed how they were made. Check out the site; maybe it is still there - it definitely won me over. =)
  12. I have the tortoise, I love them!

  13. Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see the pics..
  14. Yeah they're kinda cute!!! They just fit me weird... :sad:
  15. I have these in the tortise color. I got them on eBay for $85.00. No case, but so what the SA at Louis Vuitton said their authentic.
    Jo Ann