Sounds weird, but is anyone else into handbag Linings???

  1. I was just wondering this. I always find myself checking what the lining looks like before buying a bag. It's just one of my things! I really love it when it is a beautiful, bold color and nice satin material! I have a Perlina bag with a great blue lining, and here is a Coach one I just got! So awesome! Show pictures of yours! :drool:
  2. I absolutely agree with you....linings are important. To me it's the finishing touches that make all the difference. Some of my MJ handbags have suede linings as does my LV Epi Jasmin. My LV Duomo has a red felt-type lining which is quite luxurious in its own way.

    The hidden and little things make all the difference!
  3. I remember when Coach bags had unfinished leather and no lining. I'm not going to tell you how long ago, but it was a very long time ago. As a matter of fact, it was a nuisance because all the little crumbly bits of leather got all over your stuff inside.
  4. I enjoy fun, wild linings with my summer bags, they make the bag POP for me.
  5. I agree completely! I was showing dh the lining in my new Bulga and he was perplexed because he said no one else would see it. I told him that didn't matter: it is like wearing beautiful, matching underwear - no one else may ever see it, but it makes me feel confident, put together and sexy!
  6. I love the lining in my HH Havana hobo. And yes a tacky lining can DEFINITELY turn me off a bag.

  7. Im not really into Betsey Johnson bags. The designs are too punk-cowboy for me...but I love the leopard print linings that come with her leather bags :yes:
  8. YES! Thank you for making me not feel like a complete whacko!

    these are 2 of my favorite linings...

    Dior Cannage
    Dior Cannage 2.jpg

    Hayden Harnett LE Mercer clutch
    inside hayden.jpg

    I feel so naughty!
  9. I like the underwear analogy...............
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Here are my favorite ones along with my newest (Blur bag) that's leather inside.

    1. Botkier Large Olive Trigger--Purple inside... I love it!

    2. Bulga Large Amore Tote--Love the Floral print

    3. Bulga Medium Dark Yellow Tote--So Cute

    4. Blur Olivia Green--It's the softest leather I ever touched....I've never had a leather lined bag before!
  11. CompassRose, I remember those days. :roflmfao:
  12. I agree completely!I enjoy fun, wild linings with my summer bags!
  13. I agree too... if a handbag has a crazy cool lining, it makes me want it more! I don't think I wouldn't buy a bag if I wasn't overly struck by the lining, however...
  14. I still haven't figure out how to post pics with the URL.... can someone help me? I would love to post my latest bvlgari purse's lining as well... red suede.

    That is the reason I still did not show my purse collections yet! I really am feeling stupid! LOL!

  15. That's exactly what I told my husband! It's my little secret!:yahoo: