Sounds Like A Scamming Buyer???

  1. well, After A Great Run Of Perfect Transactions I Have Come Across A Difficult Buyer. I Was Selling My Daughter's Used Burberry Wallet In Pink Nova...authentic, Of Course, But Not In Perfect Condition. I Was Extremely Descriptive In The Listing As I Always Aim To Be An Honest Seller And Have Perfect Feedback Well Over 350. The Wallet Was Damaged In The Coin Purse Area And Had A Few Spots On The Nova Check...all Described In Listing In Detail. I Also Invited Buyers To Ask Me For More Pictures And Sent Them Directly To Anyone Who Asked So I Did Not Have To Pay Extra eBay Listing Fees. A Buyer From Canada Purchased Wallet And Is Now Saying That She Is Disappointed And Is Demanding I Completely Refund Her. Not Because The Wallet Is Damaged As Described But Because It Is, In Her Words, Fake. She Says She Is Very Familiar With Burberry But As I See Her Feedback I See Only Low End Purchases On Her Part...nothing Really Designer. I Expect She Just Was Expecting Something Else And Is Now Threatening To Report Me To eBay As Selling Fakes. I Have Never Been Accused Of This Before. I Replied To Her To Feel Free To Authenticate Wallet At Burberry And That I Stand Behind My Listing. If She Wants To Leave A Negative, Bring It On...we Sellers Can Not Be Held Hostage By These Fly By Night Buyers Who Threaten With Negatives. I Really Do Not Think It Would Hurt My Overall Business Being That I Am Perfect Up To This Point. Any Thoughts Anyone???