Sounds Like A Scamming Buyer???

  1. WELL, After A Great Run Of Perfect Transactions I Have Come Across A Difficult Buyer. I Was Selling My Daughter's Used Burberry Wallet In Pink Nova...authentic, Of Course, But Not In Perfect Condition. I Was Extremely Descriptive In The Listing As I Always Aim To Be An Honest Seller And Have Perfect Feedback Well Over 350. The Wallet Was Damaged In The Coin Purse Area And Had A Few Spots On The Nova Check...all Described In Listing In Detail. I Also Invited Buyers To Ask Me For More Pictures And Sent Them Directly To Anyone Who Asked So I Did Not Have To Pay Extra eBay Listing Fees. A Buyer From Canada Purchased Wallet And Is Now Saying That She Is Disappointed And Is Demanding I Completely Refund Her. Not Because The Wallet Is Damaged As Described But Because It Is, In Her Words, Fake. She Says She Is Very Familiar With Burberry But As I See Her Feedback I See Only Low End Purchases On Her Part...nothing Really Designer. I Expect She Just Was Expecting Something Else And Is Now Threatening To Report Me To eBay As Selling Fakes. I Have Never Been Accused Of This Before. I Replied To Her To Feel Free To Authenticate Wallet At Burberry And That I Stand Behind My Listing. If She Wants To Leave A Negative, Bring It On...we Sellers Can Not Be Held Hostage By These Fly By Night Buyers Who Threaten With Negatives. I Really Do Not Think It Would Hurt My Overall Business Being That I Am Perfect Up To This Point. Any Thoughts Anyone???
  2. Forward her threatening emails to trust and safety. Even if eBay doesn't do anything about it, they have a record now.

    I reported someone who left me negative feedback after they threatened to leave me negative feedback unless I reimbursed them the customs fees that THEIR country levied on the handbag. :cursing: So far eBay hasn't done a damn thing except ask me continuously to provide to them the original email with full headers. But I feel at least I've made a case and they have a record of it.
  3. Hi Kalodie. The biggest issue may be that she will try to do a Paypal Chargeback (if she paid for the item with Paypal?). I would keep a record of all emails (especially any threats) and if she files a complaint, forward them, along with any evidence to show your item is authentic. You may not have receipts for an old item - a problem lots of people have - but if you do, all the better.

    In the meantime, try to keep your cool with the ebayer, and don't rise to her bait. One negative on an overall positive record isn't the end of the world, and certainly not worth being threatened over. If she does leave you a negative, you have the right of reply - but remember to reply calmly, without resorting to her tactics. I think that most buyers, seeing a calm reply to such feedback would feel reassured!
  4. good feedback girls.

    can't the pix you provided prove the item authentic? that way you have nothing to worry about? can you contact the Vero Burberry about this?
  5. Thanks for the input/advice. She emailed me "This is not a joke"...etc...saying that she was familiar with Burberry product and wanted her money back. I calmly and rationally emailed her my side/point of view saying basically that I stand behind my merchandise and that if I were to give her a refund that it would almost be like admitting I sold fakes which is, among other things, against the law. I encouraged her to take it to a Burberry store for authenticiation. She had also mentioned that in addition to her buying costs she had to pay $16 in customs fees. So I am thinking she just spent too much $$$ and expecting something more or something perfect while I was extremely descriptive in my listing. Anyway, her last email said that she did not mean to imply I was ripping her off and that she may go to a Burberry store in the next couple of weeks and if she is right she would apologize. I replied, no apology neccessary and I suspect I will not hear from her again (I hope )...