Sounds fishy...need advice

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  1. Hi all,
    I just sold an item on eBay and the buyer finally paid a day before the 7 days waiting period for the item through Paypal. Everything looked fine until she provided an un-confirmed address and the account is Non-US verified. The name on the address is also different. :Push: What should I do? :shrugs:
  2. I read up on that on the ebay forum, as long as the transaction page on Paypal states 'OK to ship' you'll be fine. Make sure you get delivery confirmation & if over $250 Signature confirmation, & doesn't hurt to insure it -- if you don't feel comfortable, this way, you're covered via Paypal and USPS.
  3. Thanks for the info meechiu :tup:but I thought to be protected you need to ship to a confirmed address?:huh: What about a cc chargeback?
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    I think you do need a confirmed address in order to be protected in a paypal dispute. I'd be careful, I'd hate to see you lose your item and be out the $.

    Ok, I did a quick search of this section, and I think I was wrong. Here is a section I copied from one of KZ's posts:

    Sellers can ship to any address listed on the transaction details page - confirmed or unconfirmed - for items sold on eBay.There are also some exceptions to the improved protection for sellers. For example, if a payment is pending review by PayPal and the Transaction Details page tells a seller not to ship, but the seller does, then the seller won't be covered.
    PayPal said that although the PayPal User Agreement states that the buyer and seller protections are not effective until 10/31/08, the actual date for transaction coverage started October 22, 2008.
  5. I would call PP, as you are stating that the buyer has provided both a different NAME AND ADDRESS than what is listed in the PP transaction?

    No way would I be shipping until I talked w/ PP. I only ship to the address shown in the PP transaction once the buyer has payed. If the PP account has been stolen, you will be SOL.
  6. Melissa is correct - having a confirmed address is no longer required for the seller to be eligible for PayP seller protection. Just make sure that you don't ship until the item says "OK to Ship" on the PayP transaction page.

    As for the different name, I'm pretty sure that my name comes up on the address that DH has in his PayP account, as I was the one that set up his account, and just stuck in my name without thinking when filling out the form. I don't think that's all that uncommon. When you do ship, make sure to add insurance (that protects you - the seller - in the event that the item is lost or damaged in transit), delivery confirmation if the total transaction amount (sales price + shipping and handling) is under $250 and signature confirmation if the transaction amount is over $250. Other than that, I think you'll be fine!
  7. Did the buyer send you a different address to ship to, rather than the address that's on the PayP transaction page? I thought only the name was different (e.g., the buyer's name is Jean Smith and the address on PayP has the name Joe Smith). If she emailed you a different address and is asking you to ship somewhere other than the address PayP has on file, then EM is correct - don't ship before calling PayP.

    I also forgot to add that you mention the address is non-US verified. As far as I know PayP doesn't offer id verify on accounts held outside the US.
  8. Call PayFoe. One thing? OK. Two? Maybe. Three? No way unless PayFoe says OK to go.
  9. In the old days ebay required a confirmed address, but now as Melissa stated, as long as you have the 'OK to ship' on the transaction detail page you should be fine.

    I should clarify, I read up on this on ebay's ebay forum on shipping b/c I encountered the same situation as you, and after hours and hours of reading (I'm a skeptic so I need to be sure), I finally believed what I was reading :P as long as you ship to the information provided on the transaction page with the 'ok to ship' stamp, you're covered regardless of their account status or if it says 'unconfirmed' (& FYI -- I didn't have a problem with that transaction).
  10. I just got off the phone with PP and they informed me the buyer is located in the Phillipines. OK I don't want to be quick to judge but I do remember reading here on the forums about a Phillipine scam asking you to ship to a different address and later claiming a cc chargeback. But the address she wants me to ship to is in the US. So I am really confused and don't know what to do.
  11. Answering choo_girl's question would probably help us help you. Did the buyer e-mail you asking to get it sent to a different address, or is the send to address different than the paypal name on the account?
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    I hope this will clarify things, sorry I am at work so lots going on right now. The name both first and last are different than the one from the payment sent from on the PP transaction page. The address on the PP transaction page is unconfirmed. So maybe I should re-phrase the buyer wants me to ship to a different first and last name and to an unconfirmed address. I really feel uneasy about this transaction I might just refund the money and mutually withdraw the listing.
  13. Okay - so let me see if I've got this right ...
    The buyer (who's name and address came up on the *bay invoice) is located in the Phillipines. The payment was sent from a US address and the name is different than the buyer's name and address on the *bay transaction invoice. Is that right?

    Do you offer international shipping? I would think this is the buyer's way of either 1) winning your item as an international bidder even though you don't ship internationally or 2) circumventing customs charges by having you ship the item to the buyer's friend who will then send it along as a "gift".

    Either way, now I'm starting to think this is a little fishy. If you're uneasy, I would say go with your gut, unless the buyer can sufficiently explain the situation and make you feel comfortable.
  14. Sorry I'll clarify again.... The address on the eBay and PP invoice is unconfirmed and it is in the US. I do not offer international shipping and I block international bidders. The name on the PP account on from which the payment was sent from is different both first and last name on the eBay invoice to which she wants me to ship to. When I called PP in regards to this transaction he informed me the Non-US verified PP account holder is located in the Phillipines. I know its a bit confusing that is why I need advice on this. So really the issue here is to ship to an unconfirmed address for an item that is about $300?
  15. The address being unconfirmed is not the biggest issue. The difference in name and address of the fBay/PayFoe accounts and the name and address for the shipping is a bigger issue, IMO.