Sould I complain?

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  1. My Shelton messenger bag is only some month old. It has a leather "hanger" on the backside, so It can sit on a rolling suitcase. This side is the side that rubber against my jacket when I carry the bag cross body. It seems like the suture on the leather already seems worn on some places. Should I complain, or is this something I have to deal with, regarding "wear and tear"? I suppose if I replace the suture with a new, the same will happen again after a while..

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  2. I would consider that wear and tear and would think the same would happen again if you had it replaced. It looks like it is only faintly marking in that one it rubbing against buttons or a zipper on your jacket? Possibly an excuse to get a new jacket :graucho:
  3. No, it's not rubbing against anything particular. Just the jacket, but the jacket is a tweed style blazer jacket and not a flush one. Maby thats the reason.
  4. I would definitely wear a different jacket with it! It sounds like the tweed is too abrasive.
  5. Yeah, I realise that now! I just couldn't imagine this would happen to a $1970 bag..
  6. I bet the same thing would happen to a 10k Hermes bag..
    I think we just notice the boo boo more when we pay a lot for a bag..
    I would still take it to LV and complain. Who knows what they might do for you.
  7. Yeah, but the construction of the bag makes that area a bit diffiult..
  8. I can't really see any damage... though - is that a stitch hanging out?! That I'd complain about!
  9. It's a stitch yes, but it isn't loose. It's more like some of the fibres has been ripped off.
    Im probably just too picky..