souflot in red

  1. is the red blue or orange people love it or prefer the black?????
  2. I prefer a color one... Black is dull sometimes.... IMO:shrugs:
  3. plus I have a black leather prada that sits in the closet....since I got into LV I am not a fan of black...
  4. I love the soufflot in red. It's on my wishlist. I just can't decide which color. If you have a black prada, I would definitely get the soufflot in another color.
  5. thank you...going for it before the brass hardware is all gone....I love red:heart: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. I have a Black one, but I really want to get a red one, too. It's gorgeous. I saw the new red, though(with the silver hardware---the red is a beautiful blue based true red). It's the same shade as my red Speedy...
    Epi Speedy 25 Red Close Up Silver hardware.jpg
  7. love it!!!! I think I can your shade of red with the brass hardware according to the 866 you love the soufflot shape? is it easy to get in and out of...does it maintain it's shape?
  8. I think red would be "hot".