Soufflot vs. Bucket PM

  1. Okay, I am at a stand still. I am still looking for a shoulder bag. I tried the Tulum and the Petite Noe. Those were a no go for me!! Can you tell me your experiences with the Soufflot and the Bucket PM. Going for the EPI. How much they hold and all the details of the pros and cons of either of these bags. I want to have my decision made this weekend!!! Thanks!!! Also the length of the straps on the soufflot seem short to be a shoulder bag. Please elaborate on how this bag hangs on you. Thanks again;)
  2. the Soufflot can be used as a shoulder bag :yes:. i have the Damier Papillon 30 and Vernis Bedford, and they both fit on my shoulder very easily. i can fit my wallet, makeup, cell phone, keys, and even pencil case and medium agenda when i go to school

    i don't like the shape of the Bucket, so i say go with the Soufflot.
  3. ^ strongly agree with yeuxhonnetes! i have a soufflot and it can fit over my shoulder (though a bit awkward since it's log-shaped).
    personally, i am not a fan of the bucket.
  4. :yes: They're right- I carry it piggyback style. It's an awesome bag!
  5. i also vote for the soufflot, don't like the look of the bucket either.
  6. i would pick the soufflot too if it is between this and the bucket. i never like the bucket.
  7. I vote for the soufflot.
  8. I vote for the soufflot too
  9. I vote the opposite way - the soufflot just seems like it'll be too hard to get in and out of, especially if you have a larger wallet. The petite bucket just seems like it'll be a lot more comfortable and convenient.

    (sorry soufflot lovers - don't hurt me !! :angel:)
  10. Ayla, I agree with you! I have a petite bucket and it is so cute! I wear it when I don't want to worry about using a handheld bag. I can fit my wallet, makeup case, digital camera, phone, keys, plus the case that is attached by the chain. I love it, it's good if you don't have to carry a million things!
  11. I am with Ayla and Faith!!! Soufflot just doesn't look right as a shoulder bag to me.
  12. I agree! I carry about the same things as Faith described. I usually have my bag on the front seat of my car when driving and haven't had any problems with it tipping or stuff falling out. Because it has two pockets inside (one zippered) it is easy to keep your stuff organized. I'll try to take a picture for the "what's in your bag" thread some time today.

    Also, I like that the straps are adjustable. Good luck with your decision--they're both gorgeous :smile::smile:
  13. Normally I would say Soufflot but if you want to use it as a shoulder bag I'm going to have to vote for the Bucket. I just think the Bucket would be much more practical. I think the Soufflot was designer more to carry on the arm or in your hands.
  14. ^What whatzerface said (that sounds so rude)
  15. I love the soufflot, but I agree the bucket would be a better shoulder bag if this is what you want.