soufflot v. papillon

  1. Are there any differences in these bags other than the fact that the soufflot is epi and the papillon is monogram or damier? thanks!
  2. The styles and sizes are the same except that the mono/damier papillon will get squish under your arm while the epi soufflot is more tough. Depends on what you prefer. I have the damier papillon and I don't mind the squishing. :lol:
  3. The leather protrudes on the sides of the soufflot, it's kind of cute actually. The pap has the vachetta seams/edging.

    It's also a little stiffer like Irissy pointed out, but that'd be better for keepign its shape !
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Thanks Jason for the pics. Is it bad that I want all three?????
  6. I love both, however I find the Papillon Damier more casual and the Epi a little more formal bag, the Soufflot inside pocket comes handy, the Papillon does not have one and like Irissy mentioned the Soufflot bag is solid and less likely to squish under your arms.
  7. The soufflot does squish, but it pops back into shape very quickly. Do I put unnecessary stress on the bag by having it squish like that, though?

    In any case, I thought I'd be getting the damier papillon 30 but the soufflot caught my eye and it was love at first sight. Either bag is a great choice, IMO.